21 thoughts on “Owen Bohn – No handed Pedal Junkyard

    • As far as I know Chad did inside switch-b on pedal no handed that what you mean Alex, diff trick… Dylan Worsley may have done it? Mental balance point, so sick Owen!

    • Just saw a post from Dylan Worsley on facebook, he did this trick on opposite side in 93, first time a photo in mag was 95! I regarded it more of a switch foot gerator gliding no handed on pedal, the two are uber similar. Owen’s bike angle is more vertical. Amazing to see on both counts!

  1. Awesome!! The pedal still has many unexplored corridors to visit!!!
    Good Job Owen, keep it up, hope we can ride together in Mendoza one day!!!
    As to for Argentina and not being able to import bike parts???? What kind of law is that? Buena Wachooo!!!

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