Steve Mulder – Rolaid Clips 2014

Rolaid clips 2014 from mulderflat on Vimeo.

It looks like I somehow missed this “Rolaid Clips 2014” edit from Steve Mulder the other day. If you don’t already know, Steve is one of the best to ever touch a flatland bike. These rolaid moves could be played in ten years time, and still retain their appeal and difficulty! Respect!

Must Watch! Lee Musselwhite – No Mind

Starting a big week off with a banger from Lee Musselwhite, who has been working on his consistency all year which has helped him get to the level of being able to string together some of his hardest signature moves into one heavy line. From the opening spider glide into black widow switch, this is real combination of what flatland is all about: hard work to get the consistency, and the artistic/creative side!

Flatark 2016 Teaser

Don’t forget this coming weekend, the annual Flatark contest is going down in Kobe, Japan! I will update with livestream links when they are available, last year Martti Kuoppa took it! This year, with the top six in the World Circuit already through to finals, who is going to take the Flatark crown home? Who’s your money on, let’s hear it!!

The 2016 DownUnderGround Round 2 – the video round – results are now in


The results for the DownUnderGround Round 2 Video Round are in, congratulations to Simon O’Brien, Shaun Jarvis, and David Rooney who took the win in their classes! Stoked to help out judging with this event, more of this in flatland would be a good thing! More power to the Australian scene for doing this.

Bobby Carter wins Pistolero Jam in Long Beach, CA!


Congratulations to Bobby Carter who won the Pistolero Jam at the Long Beach Marina riding spot yesterday, taking home best trick on front and the back wheel! So stoked with this news, Bobby doesn’t usually compete and here is what he had to say!

“I don’t usually compete, but I battled around 14 riders and won the Pistolero Shootout at the Pistolero Jam.”

Old School Sundays with Larry Bull

Larry Bull Tizer worlds 87 from Frank Finod on Vimeo.

Every so often I post a re-up for Old School Sundays, and this weeks post is dedicated to one of my childhood heroes, Hutch team mate Larry Bull who was so creative and definitely ahead of the time. Hit play for his Tizer World Cup run from 1987!