Yorihisa Shiota – Endless Summer

ENDLESS SUMMER from fiction bmx on Vimeo.

Great new edit out of Yorihisa Shiota, look out for the one handed spinning tomahawk on the bar around the 1:35! Hit play for the good stuff!

Ramón- September 2014

Nice new progression edit out of Ramon, really smooth whiplashes, filmed in San German, Puerto Rico.

Shintaro Misawa – flow #2

Shintaro continues his amazing rate of progression with the second part of his “flow” series of videos! Enjoy!

Bomba Negros – Teaser

BOMBA NEGROS (teaser) from Paulo Gepulango on Vimeo.

Paulo Gepulango breaks this one down for you all:

“A flatland progression video. featuring Denny and Me.
inspired by Martii and Viki’s – BOMBARDEROS video. which had a great influences in our riding back, when they were still KGB team.
BOMBA – NEGROS means Bomba = Pump and Negros is our Hometown Island here in the philippines.
Watch – out for the full video soon.”

Enrico Ott – Clips of the day

Unintentional young buck theme today on FM! Check out this new edit out of another new face to the flatland scene, Enrico Ott 16 years old, out of Germany. Nice fakie whiplash lines, fakie bars, and much more! Keep shredding Enrico!

Mannie Nogueira – End of Summer

Nice new progression edit out of young buck, Mannie Nogueira! Doing it for Reklamation Bikes and Quest Bmx, hit play!

Haro at Interbike

Haro at Interbike 2014 – More BMX Videos

We featured the first photos of Matthias’ “La Bastille” signature frame with Haro Bikes, John Buultjens shows off the new Destinations line at Interbike, including Matthias’ frame of course!

Profile at Interbike

Profile at Interbike 2014 – More BMX Videos

Profile just released the much anticipated Profile free coaster to the general public at the annual Interbike Bikeshow in Las Vegas. Due for a December release date!

Viki Gomez – Don’t bitch me up

Viki is recovering from a bad injury to his right shoulder at the mo, despite this injury and limitation to his riding. He is continuing to ride and learn new tricks, like this new combo he pulled yesterday!

Takumi Isogai – 12 years old

What a great future of riding this kid has if he sticks at it, amazing skills from Takumi Isogai!!