Bonus Round – BMX Cologne 2014

Bonus Round with Best Tricks at BMX Cologne 2014 from Global Flat on Vimeo.

The bonus round almost got cancelled due to the threat of electrical storm, thankfully it went down! Big ups to Martin at Global flat for this great upload! Grab a cuppa and enjoy the finalists going for it!

Masashi Itani wins Flatland Fracas!

Catching up on a whole lot of news on a busy weekend for flatland. The flatland fracas contest went off over in New England, USA. With New York resident, Masashi Itani (Japan) taking the win followed by New England legend Rich Upjohn, and third place on the podium Gabe Kadmiri. Congratulations to the top three and everyone who rode (pro/expert were combined-in case you are wondering).

1-Masashi Itani
2-Rich Upjohn
3-Gabe Kadmiri
4-Brian Chapman
5-Todd Carter
6-Danny Sirkin
7-Jim Cavanaugh
8-Seonteak Kwon
9-Mannie Nogueira
9=Sunny Sigh
11- Steve Jordan
12- John Simmons

James White 4th Place – BMX Cologne 2014

James White at BMX Cologne 2014 Finals from Global Flat on Vimeo.

James White killed it in Finals jamming to the sounds of LL Cool J. Look out for that funny moment when James scuffs at 2:03! If James would have nailed his bonus round combo he would have been on the podium, amazing!

Matthieu Bonnecuelle – 3rd Place BMX Cologne

Matthieu Bonnecuelle at BMX Cologne 2014 Finals from Global Flat on Vimeo.

You’ve seen the no handed whiplash we posted earlier? Here is Matthieu’s 3rd place run, the level of difficulty of this kids tricks is mind-blowing, what a future ahead for Matthieu!

Moto Sasaki – 2nd Place BMX Cologne

Just back from an epic weekend in Cologne! Here is Moto’s 2nd place finishing run, thank you to Martin at Global flat for the upload!

Matthieu Bonnecuelle No Handed Whiplash – BMX Cologne 2014

Matthieu Bonnecuelle No Handed Whiplash at BMX Cologne 2014 from Global Flat on Vimeo.

One of the stories of the weekend was this guy! Matthieu Bonnecuelle, what a weekend for him! Check out this insane no handed whiplash during the bonus round that helped him move ahead of James White for a podium spot! Thanks to Martin at Global flat for filming this!

Dominik Nekolny – BMX Cologne 2014 Final

Massive congratulations once again to Dominik Nekolny who yesterday had an amazing run in a stacked pro class final. Martin over at Global flat was on hand to document the final, we are hearing a few of you had problems with the livestream. So here is Dom’s run for all those that missed it!

Michele Maiolani wins AM Flatland @BMX Cologne

Congratulations to Michele Maiolani who killed it in Am flatland, amazing level of riding from all the competitors! Mario Garcia Correas killed it to take the second spot, and Rayk Hahne took the third place spot! Big respect to you all!

Dominik Nekolny wins BMX Cologne!

What an amazing Pro flat finals at the BMX Cologne 30th anniversary! Congratulations to Dominik Nekolny who took the win, followed by Moto Sasaki and young buck Matthieu Bonnecuelle took a well earned third place podium finish. Look out for a repo in a few days, for now here are the results. Hope you all enjoyed the contest + bonus round on the livestream!

Old School Sundays with Klaus Dyba

As we are about to begin finals day here at the BMX Cologne contest, check out this weeks OSS where we go back to 1994. Here is Klaus Dyba’s winning run in the masterclass. Enjoy!