BFA Flatland Contest 1989 – Birmingham NEC

BFA Flatland Contest 1989 – Birmingham NEC from Neil Waddington on Vimeo.

Neil Waddington over at Ride On BMX just uploaded some great footage from the archives that ironically myself and Mike O’Connell filmed, great riding in this one from the likes of Sean Clarke, yours truly, Mark Atkins, John Yull, Fergus Heron, Ian Coy, Mike O’Connell, Larry Bull from 6:19 is definitely worth a watch plus many more! Thanks Neil for the upload and a great trip down memory lane.

MapleVibes Hype – Toronto March 4/6th 2016

The annual Toronto contest is around a month away, book your tickets now for what is widely regarded as the curtain raiser for the international contest scene each year! Thanks to Joe Cicman for putting together this hype edit for the event organised by the Canadian Freestyle Organisation, this year the event had a rebrand and is now called Maple Vibes. Jean William Prevost has taken the win in Toronto three years in a row, can he make it a 4peat?


Athens/Atlanta Scene Report – Flatland Manifesto, 2002

Athens/Atlanta Scene Report – Flatland Manifesto, 2002 from Darren Hough on Vimeo.

Jffe just sent in an awesome Athens/Atlanta Scene Report throwback edit that I couldn’t wait till Thursday on, that featured on Flatland Manifesto Video Magazine in 2002. Great riding from the likes of Jody Temple, Jon Dowker, Jeff Foster, Matt Hulgan, Mitch Hall, Shayne Khajehnoori, Jeff Foster, Kent Pearson, good scene vibes in this throwback.

Sebastian Grubinger on Maxxis


Every so often a bit of sponsorship news or edit passes me by and that is the case here. Sebastian Grubinger is now riding for Maxxis via German and Austria distribution, I dropped him a message to see what he had to say about the new hook up:

“Maxxis are hooking me up for 2016. I’m really stoked to be riding these tyres now. With the grifter foldable tyres I found a light tyre that works really well for flatland.”

Head over to the @flatmatters instagram for a short promo clip from Sebastian.

Scott Powell – Decade Teaser 1

decade-teaser_1 from scott powell on Vimeo.

Starting the week off with a nice “Decade teaser” treat from Scott Powell, really like the fire hydrant to foot jam decade direct to back pegs to direct foot jam decade at 00:54 not to mention the upside down decade to xft ice cream lines at 1:03 and 1:15. Looking forward to the Decade Anthology edit Scott is working on, stay tuned!