Old School Sundays with Larry Bull

For the weeks OSS we go back to Holeshot 1987, and the amazing riding of Larry Bull.

Will Redd – September 2014

Will Redd – September 2014 from brandon woldridge on Vimeo.

Brandon Woldridge just dropped this solid edit with the underrated Will Redd. Hit play for a whole bunch of original forward sideglide moves, and so much more! Stoked on this!

Mates Tuček – Autumn 2014

Great new edit out of Mates Tuček, developing his back wheel skills a lot and as usual killing the front wheel in the second half of this edit. Make sure you give this one a watch, skills!

Zane Weaber – Flatland BMX

Bo yana is on fire with the edits at the moment, check out this phone edit with Zane Weaber. 16 years old, a new face to me, Zane has been riding since he was 8 years old. Keep on shredding Zane!

Chad Degroot – Behind the Scenes Part 4

Part 4 and the full part of the Behind the Scenes series with flatland legend Chad Degroot just dropped! In this final episode, Chad discusses his bike shop, running Deco, and flatland! Great stuff from Espn!

Forkone & Akira – Never Gonna Stop TODOROKI Squad!!!

It’s been a while since I have seen any fresh Forkone & Akira footage. Check out this awesome edit where Forkone and Akira take it in turns to bust out with totally different styles, this makes for a good watch!

Chris Vasileiou – Flat Challenge


This is the first entry I have seen to a Greek flatland challenge online contest, hit play for a long front wheel combo that begins at 1:25!

Shintaro Misawa – flow #3

Non stop progression from Shintaro Misawa in 2014! And so much quality within that volume of edits too, check out the latest right here loosely based around exploring xft trubine hang 5s on both sides of the bike!

Dez Maarsen – Battle in the Rockies Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Supplied by Dez.

After the epic Battle in the Rockies video contest I felt it only right that I get in touch with each of the winners to get their thoughts firstly on the video contest, and on the up and coming BITR contest! Beginning with Dez Maarsen!

Firstly, congratulations on winning one of the flights to Colorado for the Battle in the Rockies. What was your initial reaction to the news?
I was super stoked and shocked! Especially since I wasn’t going in the first place. I was really hoping to go to the US this year and now I’ll be going to Colorado Spring in November. Super excited!

How much work went into your entry?
A lot of mental and physical hours! I wanted to put my best tricks together in one combo and it had to stay in time. A lot of tries I was all ready out of time. So I had to do my switches faster. Also I wanted to have a nice flow and trick order. I tried several days over the period to pull this combo. Most of these days it was more then an hour of repeating to pull the combo until I was to tired. I even got a nasty injury during the procces. The day (Tuesday before the deadline) I had to pull the combo I finally did it for the first time!

If you had to pick another entry besides yours, who would you have picked & why?
There where so many great entries! The last day I was hitting refresh so many times to see who else submitted an entry. I would have picked Moto, because he put all his hard moves together, showed a lot of different techniques and filled completely the whole minute with his combo up till the second!

The video contest seems the most cost effective way to involve riders across the globe in a contest, do you see this type of event growing in flatland?
This video challenge was really progressive! It was a great change for all type of riders to show the best they have in a competitive way. And ofcourse there was a great reward! It would be nice to see more of this. A few years ago Ground Tactics and Global-Flat Battles helped to give riders that can’t travel to competitions a great platform to show their riding and push them self. But at the physical event you always meet new people, hanging out with friends, see live new tricks and there is always a great vibe. That’s a really important thing for me about riding! So if this type of video contest will help riders to travel to contest I hope we gonna see more of it!

Were you harder on yourself composing a video combo entry than you might be for a live contest entry?
Yes I can say I was harder on myself for this video combo. It was a great challange to show some of my best tricks that I have quit dailed, but haven’t been able to pull concitance in a live contest. Also you where competing with the best riders in the world that all had 1 minute to show there best stuff! I’m pretty competitive and I wanted to win this ticket really bad! I set my boundries high for this combo and just stayed patiënt and positive that i would pull it. This was the first time for me to do this kind of thing so I really wanted to challenge myself.

What can we expect from you in Colorado?
A big smile and I’m gonna give it all I got! There is still a little more then two months left so I’m gonna train hard! Winning this ticket has given my motivation a big boost!

Any final shoutouts?
Respect to all the riders that send in an entry! Maximum respect to James McGraw for organizing this whole contest with the video contest! Can’t wait till the event!
Special thanks to my girlfriend for being an amazing support! And a shoutout to my riding buddies, family and sponsors!

Thanks Dez! Fun catching up with you, see you at Battle in the Rockies! Watch Dez’s entry again below!

Battle in the Rockies – Video Challenge from Dez Maarsen on Vimeo.

James McGraw – 2014 Progression Edit

JAMES MCGRAW 2014 PROGRESSION EDIT from James McGraw on Vimeo.

2014 has been a great year for James, making the cut at Voodoo Jam, travelling all over the globe, and a ton of progression on the back wheel (even if he is doing time machines!- watch video you will understand) Always a good time hanging out with this dude, roll on battle in the Rockies! Hit play!