Friends of the World – BFWC & Overground

Behind the scenes look at the BFWC & Overground contest recently in Brazil. Already a ton of coverage from this event, but this edit captures a different vibe with friends across the globe.

2014 Nora Cup BMX Awards Highlights

Hit play to check out this concise highlights edit from the 2014 Nora Cup Awards two weeks ago. Great to see Mark Eaton presenting the Flatland Award to Alex Jumelin and also good to see who won what in each of the categories.

Mates Tuček – October 2014

Nice mix of front and back wheel combos from the productive Mates Tuček from the Czech Republic, give this one a watch!

Williams Perez – New Athletic Lima-Perú

Check out this dope promo edit out of Williams Perez representing his sponsor New Athletic out of Lima, Peru! This edit riding wise gets going around 1:45, the opening line is so good!

Takumi Isogai – Flatark Expert

Super Kids are in the house!11 years old and Takumi Isogai murders the flatland area, so much style and control out of the lil’ man.

Tim Knoll appears on Jay Leno

Tim Knoll appears on Jay Leno from Tim Knoll on Vimeo.

It doesn’t get a whole lot bigger on US mainstream Television than appearing on the Jay Leno show, Tim Knoll clocks a major bit of coverage right here!

Michael Sommer aka Sonny Blake – The White Room Project

White Room Project from Sonny Blake on Vimeo.

Michael Sommer is back! It is always interesting to see what Michael gets up to creatively off and on his bike. Here’s what he had to say about “The White Room Project!”:

“We had the idea to make a video of putting together a bmx bike and making the music for the video only from the original sounds we recorded during the video shooting.
The sounds have then been processed and manipulated with different fx and tools like reverbs, resonators, delays and many more to achieve tonal and rhythmic parts for the final soundtrack.
The task was to NOT use any other samples, sound generating sources, synthesizers, drum machines or whatsoever.”

Martin Drazil – Gopro Link

gopro link by Martin Drazil from martindr on Vimeo.

With Gopro edits its sometimes hard to work out what’s happened from the riders point of view, but this Gopro clip from Martin Drazil was pretty easy to follow, hit play for a nice front wheel combo out of Martin!

Percy Marshall – Summer 2014 New Moves

Summer 2014 New Moves from peakyp on Vimeo.

One of the most awesome characters I have met in Flatland, is this guy! Percy Marshall! Some of the footage is a lil’ over exposed in this new edit, lookout for the security scene at 4:08, classic Percy!

Takuji Kasahara & Rich Slezak – Studio City Sessions

Riding with Takuji from Rich Slezak on Vimeo.

Takuji Kasahara visited Los Angeles this past weekend, and hit up a session with Rich Slezak at the Studio City riding spot. Hit play to see what went down!