BMX Rad Girls 2014

Paula Callery put together this great RAD themed edit including Cru Jones featuring Annie Sophie Chips, Lona Adams, Bo Stankov, Yuki Shinkawa, Eriko Ono, Irina Sadovnik, Liberty Armstrong, Nori B, Irais Pichardo Resendiz, Jazz Pintasilgo, Miyuki Dezaki, Feer Green and Kim Klisiak! Enjoy!

Christmas sale at!

Christmas sale on over on Dominik Nekolny’s website, get your D.O.M. pegs until December 30 for sale price! Shipping worldwide!

SameThingDaily2 – Mixed Section

SameThingDaily2 – Mixed Section from Sebastian Grubinger on Vimeo.

Flatland, trails, park, its all here in this nice mix section from STD2 featuring the likes of Aaron Behnke, Shayne Khajehnoori, The Duke, Andrew Wickham (look out for the double footed scuffing karl at 5:09), and many more!

Sietse van Berkel – end ’14

What a great year it has been, Sietse van Berkel just dropped this sweet edit to celebrate some of his best combos from 2014! The last line at 2:08 is ridiculous, Sietse has a big future, definitely look out for him in 2015! If you missed his flatmatters interview, hit the link below:

Hisato Yamashiro – New Trick

Check out this new Peg-grab-backward-spinning-crackpacker on the pedal by Devise Clothing rider Hisato Yamashiro. Hell yes!!!

Madrid BMX flatland trip 2014

Madrid BMX flatland trip 2014 from mizo on Vimeo.

Madrid, Spain is home to one of the best riding scenes in Europe, Mizo took a trip down to Madrid, Spain to enjoy the spanish vibes, sunshine, and good times at some of Madrid’s legendary riding spots. Good riding in this one form the likes of Alberto Moya, Guelo, Varo Hernandez, and many more!

The Flatmatters Year End Awards 2014 / The Must Watch edits from March

I have already received a ton of votes for the 2nd annual Flatmatters Year End Awards, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to vote so far! Last year I spent hours and hours going through the site checking every video, this year I started logging edits as they dropped to make life easier, well at least try to! It’s fun going back through the year and seeing how things developed. Today I go through the Must Watch edits from March 2014!

Dub was working on this at the Guru Jam in 2013 and now has it down! Amazing balance point on this two footed death truck on the pedals! Dub is always pushing so theres no telling where this Forklift move will head? You definitely don’t want to miss this one! Click here to read more »

Percy Marshall – Te Coco

Te Coco from peakyp on Vimeo.

One of the biggest characters I’ve ever met, Percy Marshall just dropped this really nice spinning xft circle k combo, hit play!

Europe 2014 Part 3 – Paris

Great edit from Gonzalo Bellanti’s trip over to Europe this summer, check out this part 3 edit which features riding from the Parisian locals at L’Opera, including Raphael Chiquet and Alex Jumelin!

Hiroki Kawakami – Ziend

Lets kick off Friday’s posts with this really nice Ziend part with Hiroki Kawakami that Zols ETM just published, shot in some really nice locations, well worth a watch!