Episode 22: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Joe Cicman

You can count on Joe Cicman to throw a spanner in the works, during this scary unknown time for all of us. Let’s roll with it, three exclusives this week. And the joke artist himself, Joe Cicman is calling NBD, the first to get 2 FM exclusives back to back, at least in the new series as I did 30 odd clips back to back when I first started the FM exclusives back in 2010-11.

The control on this no handed rebate is something else, and I like the simplicity of the composition of the line rather than throwing this in a massive line where it would get lost. This is focussed, there’s a place for everything for sure.

On Sunday, I will be dropping a special FM exclusive dedicated to the Plywood Hoods, Kevin Jones and Mark eaton who celebrated their birthdays this week. Stay tuned for that.
Thanks again Joe for contributing and keeping us all on our toes.

Have a great weekend everyone!

2020 Master of Creativity Registration closes tomorrow!

Martti Kuoppa got in contact today to help remind everyone in the flatland community, registration closes for the 2020 Master of Creativity tomorrow!

So far there are 96 registrations, really great response this year. Especially with the girls class that is growing nicely, so good to see that! Once again I will be helping out judge the event, along with MK and Toon Pakphum, and Irina Sadovnik helping out judge the girls class.

Hit the link below and get yourself registered!


Episode 21: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Joe Cicman

Welcome back, it’s that time of the week where I introduce the latest exclusive for the FM series. And today, we have a nice treat from Joe Cicman!
Joe as many of you will know is quite the flatland joke artist, meme creator, and generally busts everyone’s balls all things related to flatland.
It’s often quite easy for me to forget how good of a rider Joe is, and he steps up for today’s exclusive with a move I think he calls a “Fajita Whip”. Joe can correct me and I am sure he will if this is wrong.

Fanks Joe, for stepping up for the 21st episode.

Who’s got the 22nd clip?

Matthias Dandois: I LO{ckdown}VE NY

If you pay attention to social media, you will know Matthias Dandois is in New York right now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Matthias explains more:

“My DIY love letter to the city that never sleeps.
New York City might have gone to bed for a lil’ while, but The Big Apple is tough and will awake stronger!
Filmed at dawn by my tripod 8 different mornings.”

Episode 20: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Steffen Peter

We made it to 20 episodes of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, thank you so much to everyone who has contributed so far!
If you are paying attention to the clips you will have made the observation, the first 19 exclusives have all featured professional riders.
For the 20th episode, I wanted tO change things up, and reach out to an amateur/expert rider, and one of my favourite AM riders in particular Steffen Peter. I’ve been sitting on this awesome clip for a few weeks, and wanted to save this one for the 20th episode!
I wanted to show these clips are for everyone, if you have something you are stoked on, I want to see it and I am sure the flatland world do too. Inspiration comes in many forms for all of us. Thanks Steffen Peter for contributing!

Who’s got the next clip?

* Next clip drops Wednesday 13th May, 5pm GMT!

Yoshihiro Shinde: May 2020

Yoshihiro Shinde has always been one of the Japanese riders I have been curious about, what his deal, What is he up to these days? What I do know is that Shinde has been on the scene as long as I can remember, and is still riding at a very high level!
Case in point is the the switch foot steam ride in to cross handed one handed smith is a tongue twister to say, let alone do at the 00:45 mark (same of you will have seen that move on instagram around a month ago!).
The hang ten pivot xft crackpacker line at 1:37 is wild, go watch this one now. Great content today to fuel your session, if you are lucky enough to have a spot during lockdown.

Akihiro Matsuura: King Of Ground / Kobe 2005

It’s uncanny, the amazing footage from the legendary King of Ground series continues to surface. Part of the appeal of the KOG’s was definitely seeing footage of riders you have never seen before.
Case in point right here, Akihiro Matsuura aka Satasuma has an a amazing style and level of difficulty is sky high, and footage of this rider is extremely rare. The opening two lines are flat out amazing, and this still stand up to this day. Go watch this, incredible!

Moreno Valley Contest: Bicycle Stunt Series 1994

Snakebite BMX ae on fire with quality updates from the archives, today we have the Bicycle Stunt Series contest in Moreno Valley CA 1994. Featuring Paul Osicka, Andrew Faris, Sean Peters,Leif Valin, Richi Rich, Day Smith, Sean McKinney, Edgar Placencia, Trevor Meyer, George Smoot, Dave Friemuth, Mel Cody, Dave Clymer, Mike Ocoboc, John Englebert, Mike Escamilla, Joe Rich, Taj Mihelich, Alex Reinche, Stephan Prantl, Rob Nolli, Dennis Mccoy, Jay Miron, Pat Denhe, Pat Miller, Jay Eggleston, Jimmy Walker, Rob Sigaty, John Parker.

Proseed Issue One: Side B

On Thursday I posted Side A of the Proseed Video Issue One leading up to my Flatmattersonline interview with Yasuyuki Takeo (scroll above if you missed it!), one of the founders of the infamous King of Ground contest. Today, I have the B side to the Proseed Video Issue One, from 2004.
So much good KOG footage in this, and the production of the video makes this one so easy to sit through. Great to watch this back, and see how the riders made the way through the ranks. Don’t sleep on this one, too many riders to list in this video, thank you Teku Flat for uploading this great footage!