Revolcon 2014 Pro Finals – Raw Footage

Dope to see some raw contest footage from the Revolcon Contest in Mexico.The top 2 Dub and Pete Brandt ride back to back from the 19:23 mark, if you do not want to watch the whole thing. Loving the energy from the crowd!

Lísias Tabarelli – 30 Manobras simples!

Let’s start the week with this 29/30 trick combo edit from Lisias Tabarelli from Brazil. Hit play!

Percy Lox – Spring Style

Percy and Lachlan hit up the skatepark for a flat session, hit play to watch what goes down!

Varo Hernandez wins Maximum Parade in Valencia, Spain

The Maximum Parade contest went down yesterday at the Euro Nascar in Valencia, Spain! Congratulations to Varo Hernandez taking the win in the Pro Class, and Jose Sanchez took the AM win. Hopefully some video soon, good to see the contest scene in Spain picking up!

1st- Varo Hernandez
2nd- Mario Garcia
3rd- David Carmona

1st-Jose Sanchez
2nd- Dorin Brage
3rd- Kobe

Old School Sundays with Rob Compton

For this weeks OSS we go back to 1990, Rob Compton from Myrtle Beach, NC killing it at the Freestyle NBL Nationals 1990 in Raleigh NC, competing in the 16/17 Expert Flatland class!

Joe Cicman – Slow and Tight

Smooth styles from Joe Cicman, all these clips recently make me wonder when Joe is putting out a full Huffgate edit?

igi SweetSPOT Pedal release

igi SweetSPOT Pedal release from Jean William P on Vimeo.

Dub is always on point, and working towards new designs for the benefit of the flatland world. peep this dope new video he just dropped for the official press release of his new igi “sweetspot” pedal. Dub explains all below:

To the riders of the Flatlands,
Some of you might have noticed the ‘’igi’’ logo here and there. The idea of the ‘’igi’’ logo/concept comes from the word Original, or Origins. We must give out respect to our origins, especially in Flatland where whoever came first worked really hard to get us to this point in time in the evolutionary latter of Flatland.
Igi will represent what I have been thriving for in Flatland since I got into it, it is the sum of my years spent on the bike and of the experience I have gained throughout these many fun years of spinning, turbining and pivoting on the peg and now on the pedal.
This is a pedal which for some won’t change much, but for the ones who see the potential in it, it might just do miracles for them. I have withheld on developing products for years, because I thought the world had enough products in use and in it’s dumps and oceans already, though now I see how something positively charged can enhance the Flatland experience and contribute to, and accelerate the progressive process. Within that process is the will to make the world a better place. I want to make you feel better riding flatland, keep more people practicing on the bike and having fun, thus keeping people away from the oh so awful consumerism which has taken over our era.

Flatland is still in it’s infancy and if we feed it right it will grow beyond what we ever thought possible. I won’t prone to hold the ultimate truth, though this product might help you find it!

 I have been testing this shape for almost a year, and it enabled many things I thought impossible; I am at the final prototyping phase and will be entering into production this summer.

I thought I would let you guys know what I was up to, the Microphone pegs will be available early summer.


Jean William Prévost

Dylan Worsley – Out with MCL Injury

Some bad news this morning, flatland legend Dylan Worsley, has torn his MCL and some bone on bone after 34 years of riding. Dylan commented he needs surgery to get it fixed. Get well soon Dylan!

Bryan Huffman – Huffgate 1 & 2

Inspired by Joe Cicman’s “Huffgate” progression videos, Bryan Huffman has begun documenting his own personal progression starting with these variations on Bryan’s steam jump to gliding gerator!

Viki Gomez joins Ares Bykes Team!

Viki just joined the Ares Bykes team on a parts deal, here is what the main man had to say about it!

“I’m so happy to announce that I will be riding for Aresbikes using all the best parts in my Orbea Rude Frame! I love Japan and I am happy to be part of what is today the best company of BMX Flatland! We will grow together and make Flatland bigger worldwide!

Also all the Ares riders and the team are very good friends! ARIGATO!!!
Katsuyuki Sera York Uno Yohei Uchino Morizaki Hiroya and EVERYBODY else!!!”

Viki Gomez