Win Landscapes 2!

If you missed the chance to win a free download of the Landscapes 2 video on our instagram account recently, it’s not too late to get involved. Read below for the rules:

“Landscapes 2” is a new full length video showcasing some of the best flatlanders from around the world and is now only $10 !We have teamed up with @flatmattersonline to too give away 2 free downloads and all you have to do is post the photo of “Landscapes 2” then like and tag both @flatmattersonline and @stewartmunrophotography. In 10 days will will pick two people at random. Good Luck !

Owen Bohn wins Campeonato Ovalo Flat Contest / Final Battle footage + Results

Marcelo Gonzalez who organises the South American Championship “Ovalo Flat Contest”, got in contact with me to showcase his event to the world wide flatland community.

“On January 13, the fifth edition of the championship was held in Curicó-Chile. Competitors from all over South America, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Chile competed. It was a success, more than 30 competitors showed all their skills.”

Watch the final battle between Owen Bohn and Benjamin Hudson below!


Manuel Rodriguez- Chile (Paine)
Agustin Malnero -Uruguay (Montevideo)
Luis Ruiz- Chile (Paine)
Lity Bressia- Argentina (Mendoza)

Camilo Milo -Brasil (Sao Paulo)
Brayan Mileno -Venezuela
Agustin Fernandez -Argentina (Cordoba)

Raul Figueroa Chile
Jaime Nuñez-Chile (Santiago)
Mauro Aponte- Paraguay (Luque)

Owen Bohn- Argentina (Mendoza)
Benjamin Hudson- Chile (Santiago)
William Perez- Perú (Lima)

Inside the Flatlander’s Mind: Overcoming Riders Block.

Intro/Article: Effraim.
Photos: Bobby Carter, Kai Kuusisto, Alicja Korbinska, Tom Sevisual, Keith Mulligan.

All so often we only see the polished finished article, we turn up as riders at a contest and amazing riding, and flawless runs, or we see a “Must Watch” edit here on Flatmattersonline. What we don’t see is the blood, sweat, tears and psychological games that riders struggle with behind the scenes. I have faced this quite often over my riding career, and when it comes, it tells me “it’s time to switch things up”.
Every rider is different and that is one of multitude of things that we all love about flatland. I found something as simple in concept as learning something with bars forwards or backwards, learn something opposite or sometimes ride a different spot than I normally would. I have this saying in flatland, “learn everything you can, there are no bad tricks to learn, as flatland will catch up and bite you on the ass when you need that trick the most. I wondered about what other riders do to overcome this natural process of riding flatland over the years. ”

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Hydraulic Magura Rim Brakes in Flatland? Jimmy Biondi explains all..

Jimmy Biondi got in contact with a readymade article that is sure to get you talking. Hydraulic Magura Rim Brakes in Flatland? Read on for more details.

World Premiere January 2018
Hydraulic Magura rim brakes on flatland Bmx
Created by Jimmy Biondi.

What Is it?
As you can see on the picture, the idea (since it has never been done before) is to have a new type of brake system (hydraulic instead of cable) that fits the flatland requirements in terms of braking power, design (slick rather than bulky with a lot a scuffing place), light weight, maintenance free and comfort of use. Needless to say that “price friendly” or simply “price beware” does not come into the equation.

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Must Watch – James McGraw / New Style

NEW STYLE from James McGraw on Vimeo.

At the age of 48 years old, the original Scooter King James McGraw continues to progress and digs deep for his latest edit entitled “New Style”. James has been promising this was going to be his best edit yet and he delivers, two combos stand out for me include the inside switch b pivot g-roll spinning gerator body varial to inside spinning switch b back to xft peg wheelie back to inside switch b body pivot to spinning gerator body varial to spinning inside switch b at the 1:03 mark. The excitement is genuine, and I love his passion for flatland. When you ride with the man that passion is contagious and fuels the session.

The second combo that stood out for me is at the 1:45 mark, inside switch b dumped into ice cream to two footed backyard pivot spinning g-roll kick inside b back to xft peg wheelie pivot spinning g-roll spinning gerator body varial back to that sick scuffless spinning inside switch b. If James can match this level of difficulty in the contest arena he will knocking on the door, James has been sweating over a “Must Watch” for years and I’m happy to finally say the man well and truly deserves it. Go watch the edit for the rest, I just highlighted my favourites. James is an inspiration to us, riding better than ever at 48! Think about that, thank you for sharing this one James!

Old School Sundays with Dizz Hicks, Ceppie Maes and Gary Pollak

For this weeks Old School Sundays, we go back to 1986 and a CW freestyle team show at Haack’s Cycle in Madison, Wisconsin. Featuring some great old school riding from Dizz Hicks, Ceppie Maes and Gary Pollak, the man who invented the pinky squeak. Enjoy this trip down memory lane.