Chad Degroot & Karl Poynter – Indy #DecoBMX10k trip

Deco just hit 10k on their instagram page, to celebrate after the Chicago Dew Tour. Chad Degroot met up with street tech master, Karl Poynter to hit up some parks in Indiana. Whilst this is all park riding, these guys do have so much flatland skills, this crosses over for sure. Really enjoyed this edit, and maybe you will to!

Holiday Flatland Contest / Domb Beach Hungary – July 18th


Hungarian flatland legend, Lajos Ifj Sinkó got in contact with news of a big contest he is organising in Hungary on July 18th at Domb Beach, fancy a road trip to Hungary? Read on for all the details!

Dear Riders,
This year, Kecskemét Flatland Crew is preparing a huge surprise for the national flatland community. The well-established and highly anticipated Holiday Cup is under transformation. Our goal is not a secret – to make Flatland BMX even more popular. We want more people to get to know the sport and therefore encouraging young people to try and start this amazing exercise.
The court of the Kertészeti College was a perfect setting for conducting flatland competitions, but fell outside of the periphery of the public. This year, we have re-imagined the event; working together with Kecskemét Jóképű Club we are organizing the competition within the frameworks of a magnificent sports day.The location is going to be the popular Domb Beach, and the date is July 18.

Here you’ll find all you need: BMX, beach, bikini babes, a great festival!

JK! Sports Day info:

Categories: Amateur and Professional.

Ticket: 800HUF

Entry: 1,000 HUF

Starting Time: 1 pm

Court: 10mx15m OSB!

Pro category:

I. 50.000 HUF (170 EUR) + presents
II. 30.000 HUF (100 EUR) + presents
III.20.000 HUF (70 EUR) + presents

Amateur Category:
I. 15.000 HUF (50 EUR) voucher + parts
II. 10.000 HUF (35 EUR) voucher + parts
III. 5.000 HUF (20 EUR) voucher+ parts


James White & Keelan Phillips perform for Mark Ronson at Glastonbury!


James White and Keelan Phillips pulled off a huge show for Mark Ronson “the bike song” at this years Glastonbury on Friday night! You can watch the show on BBC iPlayer from the 17:16 mark (link below)! Friday night TV airtime, huge coverage for the two! Congratulations!

Matthias Dandois qualifies 1st at MulaFest in Madrid, Spain

I don’t have a photo from Mulafest, so here is Matthias during his signature no handed spinning half packer at Extreme Barcelona, photo by Ruben Vigil.

Mulafest qualifiers went down today in Madrid, Spain. Matthias Dandois just tweeted the top three. Finals tomorrow.

1- Matthias Dandois
2- Dez Maarsen
3- Alex Jumelin

Besides a regular contest, the Madrid locals hosted a few fun events for everyone to get involved and win some cash (10-20 Euros per event):


Forkglide Race: Mario Garcia
Hitchhiker Limbo: Alberto Moya
Suicide: Miguel Tardio
Ride with other bike contest: David Carmona
Best Trick Pro: Alberto Moya
Bet Trick Amateur: Byron Seco Vela
Jam Fight: Dez Maarsen
Longest Steamroller: Varo Hernandez
Longest Gerator: Varo Hernandez
Fastest Spin: Varo Hernandez

Viki Gomez to perform at Wheel Harmonie – Luxembourg Saturday June 27th

Of course we all know Viki Gomez is pushing the art form of flatland at the top level taking the win at the first two stops of the 2015 World Circuit! Here, is a nice story where Viki is recognised for where he practises daily when he is at home in Luxembourg. Tomorrow Viki will perform in front of a packed Philharmonie, where Flatland and the Orchestra meet. Official press release below

“WHEELHARMONIE” at the Concert Hall of Luxembourg – The Philharmonie – June 27th at 10pm.

As known, Viki rides and practises (home spot) infront of the Philharmonie since we moved to Luxembourg 3 years ago. And in August 2014, the Philharmonie approached Viki, after having seen him riding infront of their building for so long, if he would be interested in collaborating with them on a nice and new show event for their 10th Anniversary party that they are hosting this Saturday. Of course, Viki took this opportunity happily as it is something completely new and could lift the sports up in a more respectable and recognisable way to a wider audience of elegance, music, artistry, “class” and elderly people, and to show the artistic beauty of Flatland, that sometimes has been misread due to younger riders with another look (tattoos, heavy crazy parties, street kids etc).

This is Viki’s way of how he wishes the people to look at flatland, a beautiful art sports, that requires hard work, discipline, dedication, motivation, patience and simply an artistic imaginary mind – as an artist in being original and authentic.

The tickets of 2, 000 people were sold out in 1 day!!

Another new aspect of this performance is that it is a choreographed performance timed in with the live musicians. And therefore, puts an whole other challenge to it for Viki to complete flawlessly.

Luxembourgish National TV, press & media will be there. As Viki is one of few global athletes of “Luxembourg”, they value his representation a lot.

This has been collaborated together with Viki Gomez, GG.M.image, Philharmonie Concert Hall of Luxembourg and Classical Music compositors KrausFrink Percussion and Musicians of the Orchestra of the Philharmonique.