Episode 72: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Lee Wilson


After a short intermission on Sunday, we are back to the Flatmattersonline Exclusives!
Today it’s the turn of UK rider, Lee Wilson!
Lee is from Market Harborough, just outside Leicester here in the UK, roughly in the middle for all outside of the UK that may be curious.
Lee comes through with a smooth whiplash hitchhiker line flowed into hang 5 step steam, love the bar flip steam that follows and the smooth exit out.
Lee was a regular on the UK contest scene for many years and it’s great to see he’s still riding, and I dubbed him the UK Shintaro, super smooth elegant style!
Thanks Lee for contributing, whose got the next episode?

Bryan Huffman: Purple Winter 5


This week we have run out of Flatmattersonline exclusives, but nevertheless we have a nice treat for your Sunday viewing pleasure (or whenever you get round to watching).
Flatland lifer, Bryan Huffman has a huge trick bag and came through with this new “Purple Winter 5 Part” for you all at home filmed in Winston Salem, North Carolina over the winter, lockdown undercover riding spots are the one!

In related news: Bryan just got picked up by http://www.flatsocietybmx.com over in Arizona, USA. Congratulations Bryan!

Thanks for sharing Bryan, whose got episode 72 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives?