Giannis Caternellis – The Flatmattersonline Interview Part 1

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos/Trick descriptions: Manthos Ekteman & Giannis Caternellis.

Hello everyone!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since the last in-depth Flatmattersonline interview, but that sadly is a true story!
Many of you in the comments section of the site have requested an interview with Giannis, around that same time period people were asking, I was already putting wheels in motion to make that happen. Who better to bring back the interviews than Giannis Caternellis!

Who is he, where is he from, what is he all about, what’s his background? During the last 3-4 months that it took to put this together I have tried to dig as deep as possible into questions that I felt would get into Giannis personality and find out more about Giannis that I came to realise whilst making this interview, is a purist. He lives and breathes flatland, as a rider and as a fan, it’s no secret that putting these interviews is my favourite part of publishing FM. Grab a cuppa and enjoy this. Let’s get into this part 1 interview!


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The Vans Palmistry Guide – Iceland / Chapter 2 FT Matthias Dandois

Take the Vans team to an unknown land, lost in a culture, lost in every way possible and putting your trust in a local as a guide. This is what the Palmistry Guide is all about, for Chapter 2 in the series: Matthias Dandois, Justin Fouque, Theo Zannettacci & Alexandre Valentino headed to Iceland. Enjoy!

Filmed by Arnaud Wolff & Alexandre Valentino

Pass the Seat – Deco BMX

The Deco team just put together this really nice promo for Terry Adam’s signature pivotal seat. The idea is simple, get the seat and install it, film a clip, then pass the seat on to the next member of the team. Mannie Nogueira, Scott Weaver, Chad Degroot and Terry Adams all throw down for the promo!

Steve Bisseker & James White – Southbank, London 1993

More gold from the archives, don’t miss this short and sweet edit featuring Steve Bisseker & James White at the legendary Southbank riding spot in London. This was filmed by Lincoln Blacksley in 1993! Steve Bisseker is a name many of you should be getting to know, incredible spinning circle k variations, and Whiteski is as smooth as ever working on back wheel lines at SB.

Throwback Thursday – Props 2 Shimerville Contest 1994

For this weeks Throwback Thursday, we go back to Props 2 and especially Shimersville Contest in Pennsylvania with a ton of great riding from the likes of Jesse Puente, Edgar Plascencia, Richard Zadzdyr (RIP), Paul Palmer (RIP), Leif Valin, Sean Peters, Val Naso, Bobby Fisher, plus a Brian Vowell Interview to follow.

Far East Cycles & IGI Team At Yokohama

On November 5th, a few days after the Flatark contest in Kobe, the Far East Cycles and IGI team headed to Yohohama and hosted a flatland jam over there with all the local scene. Hit play for an amazing edit by Yuki Itoh aka yukipkoproject, which combines awesome riding and communicates the dreamlike vibe of the jam.

Some of the standout clips for me:

Gonzalo Bellanti: Bar grab one handed whiplash to bar grab one handed turbine whiplash around the 00:49 mark. I know he’s done it before but it’s still a banger!

Jean William Prevost: Back wheel fury with two massive combos at the 1:44, power and flow for days.

Yuki Itoh: His spinning xft crack to pumping one handed hang ten line is one of the lines of the edit, already watched this line several times. Skills and style galore.

M Haris Effendi wins iiusf in Jakarta, Indonesia


This year there seems to have been more contests than ever, and results are still flying in from all across the globe still as we approach December. Congratulations to M Haris Effendi who won the iiusf contest over Jakarta, Indonesia this past weekend.

1st – M Haris Effendi – Indonesia
2nd – Nurhazme – Malaysia
3rd – Kamal Mal – Malaysia
4th – Ian Sopian – Indonesia
5th – Yunfian – Indonesia