Haro La Bastille Frame Intro by Matthias Dandois

Matthias Dandois introduces his signature “La Bastille” frame with Haro Bikes! Lookout for an intense No handed spinning half packer whip to half packer line at 1:41, all shot in San Diego, California.

Get all the specs and details by clicking below!


Throwback Thursdays – Marcos de Jesus

It seems a lot of you missed this amazing edit from the underrated Marcos de Jesus the first time round, do not mix this flatland mix tape mix. The standout for sure is the two footed backyard full whopper direct to spinning hitch, flat out amazing to this day!

Gilberto Rocha – One Combo + Time Lapse

Gilberto Rocha out of São Paulo, Brazil drops a heavy hang five pivot to xft half packer combo in this One Combo plus time lapse edit. Enjoy!

Eiichiro Watanabe – Hang5 to variations

Eiichiro Watanabe runs through a whole bunch of combos beginning from Hang 5 position. If you are a beginner rider, looking for ideas of what tricks to do from the Hang 5 position this could prove helpful.

Arturo Garay 2015

Sweet new edit out of Arturo Garay riding the Shopping Lambare, in Paraguay, Autumn 2015. Arturo throws down some solid front wheel lines, video shot on Canon &D & Go Pro 3 by Celso Galeano.

Jean William Prevost – Nomi Trademark

Jean William Prevost teamed up with Okke Oktavianus to promote new sponsors, Nomi Trademark out of Indonesia. Great camerawork and editing in this promo and also nice to see Dub on the front wheel!

Mannie Nogueira – Winter 2015 Part Two

Mannie has been putting in work in his parents garage as the snow is still knee deep outside. Solid progression on the back wheel, look out for the last combo at 1;39!

Gonzalo Bellanti – Instagram clips compilation

Check out this nice compilation of Gonzalo’s most recent instagram clips. Great mix of front and back wheel styles, make sure you are following him for much more in the future: https://instagram.com/mrpola

Extreme Barcelona Round 2 World Circuit – 13/14th June


Round 2 of the 2015 World Circuit will take place at Extreme Barcelona on 13/14th June, Extreme Barcelona is taking the place of the BMX Cologne event. Stay tuned for updates on the Official World Circuit website.


Art Thomason – Brakeless Week 1

Art Thomason – Brakeless Week 1 from art thomason on Vimeo.

Just what the title says, Art Thomason is one week into riding brakeless and documented how its going for the flatland world to see. Smooth!