Giannis Caternellis – Originalidade #7

Exactly three years ago in October 2014 I received an email from Giannis Caternellis letting me know he was documenting his progression. We all know what an impact Giannis’ riding since, Giannis posed the question in this latest edit via email “is anyone original or just copying Kevin Jones? Whatever the case, I got the real sense Giannis is playing on the bike in this new Originalidade #7 and everything is allowed, from track stands ride outs, no seat posts and much more, this is awesome to watch!

Jean William Prevost wins IOKC 2017

Congratulations to Jean Wiliam Prevost who took the win at the IOKC Coontest this weekend in Indonesia. Here’s what Dub had to say about the win:

“It will be a total of 11 flights, 2 x 5 hours on the road in Indo and some killer jet lag to be able to say I won my fourth @ioxcindonesia on my fifth trip to Indonesia 🇮🇩 2017 . Did it come easy? Hell no! 2.@toonflat and
3.@taslemraziff are top world flatland athletes from Thaïland and Malaysia. Always a treat. Toon also got Best Trick contest with Stemrang bodyvarial to inside halfpack! Congrats guys! See you in Japan!”

James McGraw wins AFA Round 4 at Tangent Jam in Tucson, Arizona

Congratulations to James McGraw who won the AFA Round 4 stop at the Tangent Jam in Tucson, Arizona yesterday followed on the podium by Austin Luberda and Bo Wade. Also congratulations to Gary Knecht, winner of the Olds Cool class, Zunwu Zhou winning the Expert Class, Ken Kitley taking the Novice Class, full results with podium shots below courtesy of Todd Carter. Digging the themed trophies.

Final round is going down at BITR in November…

James McGraw
Austin Luberda
Bo Wade
Will Redd
Bill Nitschke
Bryan Huffman
Frank Rulz
Tyler Gilliard
Brian Gavagan
Todd Carter
Ryan Russell

Olds Cool:

Gary Knecht
Sean Porter
Jody Settles
Lance Lyons
Dan Hill


Zunwu Zhou
Ed Jolie
Matthew Hartley
Harb Lill


Ken Kitley
Jimmy Sanchez
Leland Lavender
Ava McGraw
Coda McGraw
Matthew Elrud