Cory Fester & James McGraw – Late night session

Cory Fester and James McGraw late night session from James McGraw on Vimeo.

Hit play to check out this nice late night session edit with Cory Fester and James McGraw. The opposite backwards flail to backwards halfpacker by Cory around the 2:40 mark is ridiculous.

Tsutomu Kitayama – Deco BMX

Style for miles in this new “Deco BMX” edit from Tsutomu Kitayama, this footage was originally intended for the Baco video. Enjoy the flow! Thanks to Chad, Chan G, Hiroshi, and Chris Rye for sharing this treat!

Mike Lubenskyi – flat/street trickery

Dope new flat/street trickery edit from Mike Lubenskyi, look out for the hang five flip to xft halfpacker around the 1:32 mark!

Pete Brandt – Emergency Broadcast Victim

Not only a bad ass on the bike, Pete Brandt kills it behind the decks! Hit the link below for some nice downloads!

Quentin Pelorson – D.I.Y. edit #01

Quentin Pelorson D.I.Y. edit #01 from brakeless on Vimeo.

Earlier today we broke the news, Quentin Pelorson is now riding for Ares Bykes! Check out his first “D.I.Y. edit #01″ right here, filmed on his holidays in the picturesque French mountains. Enjoy!

Quentin Pelorson on Ares Bykes!

Photo: Guillaume Neboit-Guilhot

Quentin Pelorson just got a well deserved hook up with the expanding AresBykes team, congratulations Quentin. Welcome to Ares Bykes edit?

Naoto Tamaru – Branches

Killer back wheel style in this new “Branches” edit from Naoto Tamaru, great job by Tatsunari Sakai on the edit and beats, hit play!

Jason Forde – Camy Clothing O4P

Camy Clothing O4P from 1WM BMX on Vimeo.

Sweet lil’ progression edit out of Jason Forde, jamming at the St Martins spot in Central London for his new sponsor, Camy Clothing. Hit play!

Dominik Nekolny – One Combo

DOM Mode 5 from Dominik Nekolny on Vimeo.

One combo from Dom, and boy this is a beast! There are various points where I thought Dom was off the bike, but like the machine Dom is. He just keeps going, and this combo just gets more and more crazy! Make sure you give this one a watch!

*In related news – Dom is working on a new edit, so look out for that!

Kensuke Hamai and Yasushi Kajiwara – Back wheel jam

The japanese scene is full of amazing back wheel shredders, take a look at this new back wheel jam edit featuring Kensuke Hamai and Yasushi Kajiwara! Kensuke especially is a body varial/pivot master!