Must Watch – Sebastian Grubinger / Faces of Vienna

I think it’s fair to say almost anything Sebastian Grubinger puts out is a Must Watch, his riding always has me shaking my head in a good way. And from the opening line with backwards facing manual back pedalling ET style I think to myself “Who else on the planet is doing this stuff?”, and as if that’s not enough he adds in a Degroot undertaker to backwards backyard and opposite Degroot undertakers out. Absolutely mind melting degree of difficulty here.

The second clip I thought I knew what was coming, and I love that I was wrong. Backwards facing messiah half backwards whiplash scuff to forwards bar hop whiplash bar scoot out. Again, who is doing this stuff.

At 1:29 the switch foot peg wheelie pivot entry to backwards backyard is one of the best switches I have seen all year. Simple idea, but yet so hard!

The last line is possibly my favourite from this short, but yet so incredible edit. Opposite Degroot undertaker to straddle roni out. There’s layers to what Sebastian is doing in this edit, that is just years and years of craft. This edit will be getting the rewind, and help me get through a rainy day in Southsea.

Scott Hagnas – 53rd Birthday Edit / 2019

One post today, and it’s dedicated to Scott Hagnas who just celebrated his 53rd birthday and is still progressing and learning new things up in Portland, Oregon. I grew up watching the Infection videos that Scott put together, and this year it was awesome to finally meet Scott at the One Love Jam. Scott spent this year working on tricks he never bothered to learn, and this 53rd birthday edit is dedicated to this. Really enjoyed this, and sure you will do too.. Happy birthday Scott!

Throwback Thursdays – Shimersville PA Contest 1994

Following the introduction of “Flat Snitches” last night, this great footage from the archives was brought to my attention. Scott Nagy out of Columbus, Ohio uploaded the runs from Shimersville PA Contest 1994 which will bring back memories to many from Edgar and Jesse’s Wheelies part. At over 38 minutes long, there is great riding from the AM’s and the Pros of that time period, Trey Leeper, Val Naso, Sean Peters, Bobby Fisher, Paul Palmer (R.I.P), Mike Noonan (‘My favorite Albino!’), Edgar Placencia (watch his run from 14:12, and the infamous “That’s how ghetto I am right at the end!), Richard Zabzydr (R.I.P), Paul Vail, Dennis McCoy, Jay Miron, and last but definitely not least Jesse Puente’s run at 34:20. Great stuff from the archives….

Flat Snitches: Episode 1 / The Plasticman


Welcome to a new section of Flatmattersonline that has been brewing, not unlike the cuppa right next to me right now as I get ready to drop this first episode. After a lot of talk back and forth with Pete Brandt, “Flat Snitches” is born and dedicated to help educate the flatland community on the history of trick inventions and most importantly showing some love to the architects that came up with each trick along the way, not to mention the evolution of each move with other riders putting their twist on it.

Who came up with what trick and when, is sometimes a grey area, but myself and Pete Brandt after all our years of experience are as best placed as anyone to attempt to do this.
We Kick off Episode 1 with the Plasticman, and talk to the trick creator, Jesse Puente about the tricks history and evolution into another move entirely.

When I think about Jesse Puente, his energy springs to my mind. I always recall when he commented “You bust, I bust” back when we both rode for KHE in the late 90’s, his energy was contagious. Always thinking about new tricks and concepts, he made me want to have new tricks every time I would see meet him at contest across the globe. Jesse’s energy brings me to the plastic man and his desire to create something fresh.

Jesse, rolling the OG Plasticman in Shimersville, PA back in 1994. Photo: Sean Parker.

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2019 MidWest Jam

Burd Phillips was on hand to document some of the action from this weekend’s MidWest Jam featuring Austin Luberda, Ron Monis, Andy Cooper, Chris Armstrong, Jake Jackson, Anthony Schneidewind, Andy Cooper, Burd Phillips, Marty Clark and more. Good vibes from the Q skatepark in Indianapolis.