Sebastian Grubinger – Spot Quest in Paradise

Hit play for a nice chilled vibe edit, thats far removed from all the contest footage recently! Here’s the word from Sebastian:

“About 3 years ago Michael Husser told me he is going to live in New Caledonia. First thing I did was to check on the web. I had no idea where it’s located and found out it’s an island in the South Pacific Ocean – far away!”

Charlotte, North Carolina BMX Freestyle Flatland Jam 2016

Freddy Brown put together his nice edit from the Charlotte, North Carolina jam recently featuring Bryan Huffman, Isaiah Jordan, Kevin Washington, Mark Coates, Lee Mejia, Erin Fricke, Fox Kinsman, Jason Harrison and Freddy. Hit play!

Repo: iBMXff World Championships NASS

Text: Effraim.
Photography: Effraim and Ged McConville.

Like everyone when the iBMXff World Championships were announced a few months back, I thought “Where the hell is Flatland?”, there were various trains of thoughts from most of the flatland community, but it seemed summed up with “it’s not the worlds without flatland”, emails went back and forth. If I am being honest, I didn’t think Flatland would be included with budgets and all….

Takahiro Ikeda, Xft no handed straddle time machine on his way to a huge second place.

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Giannis Caternellis – Originalidade #4

It’s always a good day when Giannis drops a new edit, along with a great description to boot:

“Flatland for me is art. Like painting, every trick is a different colour and the final result by combining a lot of different colours of your choice is something personal and so unique only BMX riding can bring me that feeling.

With pure love for the sport and inspired by the Master of Creativity contest, this is my painting!”

Toon’s Junglerider Prototype Frame + Stem


Whilst I was at the iBMXff World Championships at NASS, I noticed Toon had a new bike which turns out to be his new Junglerider signature model. You can check the first shots of the frame and the specs right here on Flatmattersonline, plus a spy shot of the “hermit” stem that will be available in October, that will come in 40/50mm sizes.




Frame specs:

TT : 19.2″
HA : 74.5
SA : 69
CS : 13.2 (Slammed 13″)
BBH : 11.8″
Stand over height : 75″
Drop out 14 mm.

Hermit Stem 40/50mm.