Alex Jumelin wins Fise Experience in Monteux

Congratulations to Alex Jumelin won the Fise Experience contest this weekend in Monteux, followed on the podium by Raphael Chiquet and Joris Bretagnolles. Fise Experience is the feeder event for the Fise World Series that runs in France throughout the year, and is gaining in popularity and so keep an eye on this contest series as it grows. It turned out to be a great weekend for the Jumelin family with Alex’s son Nathan winning the Amateur class at the Fise Experience, good job Nathan!

Owen Bohm takes the top spot in 2019 Master of Creativity Round 1

Congratulations to Owen Bohm who won the first round of the 2019 Master of Creativity, head over to the MOC instagram for all the entries. Stoked on the level of entries this year, once again it was a an honour to judge the event along with last years winner Sietse Van Berkel and Martti Kuoppa.

Must Watch – Landscapes 3 Judgement Day Teaser

MUST WATCH – Landscapes 3 Judgement Day from FLATMATTERSONLINE on Vimeo.

Today we have a Must Watch treat from Simon O’Brien and Stewart Munro, thanks Stewart for this exclusive!

““Landscapes 3” is a new full length video showcasing some of the best flatlanders from around the world. Featuring Aaron Frost, Chris Vasileiou, Erin Fricke, Keelan Phillips, Keita Uchino,
Kio Hayakawa (fresh on Colony), Masato Ito, Mates Tuček (look out for his clip!), Thomas Deschenaux, Mateus Beckmann, Nick Watts, Steven Hearn (great to see Steven back), Varo Hernandez, Shinichi Kiba and Simon O’Brien (that opening backwards halfpacker kickflip line is no joke!).”