UAI Spot Jam – Brazil

Soak up the Brazilian vibes in this UAI Spot Jam edit featuring Bruno Zebu, Ederson Ferreira, Balu, Romulo Guerra and many more, great to see scene edits like this!

Chad Degroot – Rideout

I don’t know about you, but I am a big fan of Chad D posting clips regularly recently. Check out this signature backyard pivot clip and the man himself had this to say: “I have not done this ride out in a good amount of time and it was always fun. So today it was time to bring it back. Challenge here today was to get something before the ride out and I think it worked out great. Always loved back wheel pivots, crossing feet, and making it flow.”

Drew Henderson – Late 2014

Drew Henderson just put together this nice edit of his progression during late 2014. Lot of nice whiplash based stuff, hit play and check it out!

Lee Musselwhite & Lee Bowers – BMX Flatland Vs Street Bike Freestyle

BMX Flatland Vs Street Bike Freestlye from In motion media on Vimeo.

Lee Musselwhite & Lee Bowers team up for this BMX Flatland Vs Street Bike Freestyle, filmed and Edited by Chris Brown at In Motion Media. Hit play!

Throwback Thursdays – Level Vibes 2009

For this weeks Throwback we go back to 2009 and the Level Vibes hosted by James White! Featuring great riding from Mr White himself, Jason Forde, Phil Dolan, Viki Gomez, Sam Foakes, Giannis Caternellis, Gabor Szmetanko, and yours truly, thanks Robert Voller for the trip down memory lane with this one!

Harutada Shimoyama by Jimalog

Hit play for a sweet throwback edit by Jimalog featuring Harutada Shimoyama from Japan filmed in 2013, rolling style for days!

Paul Dezeix – Winter Basics

Great to see Paul Dezeix back on his bike after his bad crash and resulting elbow injury back in September 2014 kept him off his bike until December. It looks like Paul is progressing again with some really nice two footed coasting front yards stepping into crackpacker and direct to no handed crackpacker too! Welcome back Paul!

Davis Dudelis vs Dustyn Alt / Wolfgang Sauter vs Kevin Nikulski – Fight the Winter

Great battle footage from the final stages of the Fight the Winter contest in Gottingen, Germany. Best combo for the final rounds, with everyone throwing flawless combos, well worth a watch!

2015 Voodoo Jam – July 25th


The date for the annual Voodoo Jam in New Orleans, this year set for July 25th, website updates and more information coming in the next few months leading up to the event! The Voodoo jam is part of the World Circuit series, look out for the best in the world in NOLA, who is going?

Dominik Nekolny – 2014 Flatmatters Awards Contest Run of the Year Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photographs: Credited below each photo.


Welcome back to the second in our series of interviews with the winners in the Flatmatters Online Year End Awards 2014. Dominik Nekolny won “Contest Run of The Year” for his finals run at the BMX Cologne contest voted by you the readers of Flatmatters! I caught up with Dom to talk about his contest run, the emotions of the previous years performance, contest preparations, his plans for this year and much more, read on! Click here to read more »