Balázs Császár – Meet at KTGM / Sept 3 2016

Flatland magic will take over the heart of Europe end of this summer, as the KTGM JAM will be hosted for the 7th time in Budapest, Hungary. Get ready for a remarkable long weekend with extraordinary riders, insane tricks in a grassy, relaxed part of the beautiful city.

This year riders from all around Europe will meet up on the huge spot of KTGM (3500m2, 38000ft2) for 4 full days of riding, from Thursday to Sunday, to train, chill and get motivated.

Schedule (Saturday):
10:00-16:00 JAM
16:00 Best trick contest
17:30 Flatland quiz
18:00-20:30 JAM
20:30-22:00 Night riding

Location: Budapest, X. distr., Bányató street

Recommended, cheap, close to the spot. For booking, or inquiring about free rooms write an email here well in advance:
Price: 5-8 Euro, depends on the number of the beds

Must Watch! Matthias Dandois – The Flat Side of Things 3

2016 has already been an amazing year for flatland, with some strong battles going down to take the win at each big contest! In my mind, this year Matthias Dandois and Viki Gomez in particular have been pushing the level up and up in contest riding and also in video parts.

Today we have something special out of Matthias Dandois, away from the contest light and pressure you get to see what he’s working on. And as always, Matthias is on point with the edit, rad track, great locations, and the variety of moves front and back wheel is worth highlighting.

There’s a lot to list here, hence the Must Watch:

-Xft steam step through to xft crack pivot hang ten to halfpacker backwards spinning halfpacker out at 00:59.

– My personal favourite clip is the Two footed x handed steam pivot whip to halfpacker line at 1:52.

-Backwards spinning opposite side ice cream pivot to quick two footed backyard pivot out with no delay at 2:31.

-Matthias signature no handed steam bar flip one foot crack boomerang to no handed halfpacker bar scoot entry out at 2:59.

-Backwards opposite spinning ice cream undertaker regular side turbine to backwards spinning pedal time machine at 3:20.

-Carved backwards manual g turn to hang 5 to backwards hang 5 boomerang line at 3:52.

– Two footed front yard turbine into double backwards boomerang to crackpacker is ridiculous at 4:18 and the ender is fire too!

Thank you Matthias for this one!

Akira Horii – Vol.35

Summer in full swing it is definitely a good time for edits right now. Akira Horii just dropped Vol.35, as always refreshing styles from Akira. Love the fire hydrant to double decade off the seat around the 3:10 mark, I know he already did it before in a previous edit,but still never thought I would see the day of multiple decades off the seat! Respect!