4 thoughts on “Park Rangers Brazilian edit

  1. First off: Sorry my trash english
    Got to say a word: Phil Dollan is the Lord of nosewheelies!
    last but no least: Props to every single flat'rider in tha whole world. I think we all flatlanders deservs much respect,
    just because
    Flatland is the hardest sport (art/lifestyle) of all. *Not unrate the others sure.
    TnX Effraim to support our humble vids. N' congrats for the great blog!

  2. muito legal!! estou orgulhoso de ver a sena flatland no meu pais continua a crescer mostrando os caras das antigas e a nova geracao, muito respeito para voces manos!!! e noissss

    im proud to see the flatland scene in my country still groin and showing the old and the new generation riders!! much respect for u guys!!!!

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