Past World Champions: Andrew Faris 1997 + top three

Eindhoven 1997, awesome contest in the ice rink, Andrew Faris dropped this incredible run to take the win, Jason Brown brought his consistency and powerful style to a second place finish. And Martti Kuoppa won the admiration of every flatlander in the world, with his creative tricks, massive long combos. Take a look. Paul Roberts brought a great atmosphere to this contest, I remember having goosebumps watching this live. This contest basically started a few years rivalry between Faris and Kuoppa, and the progression of flatland boomed as a result.

4 thoughts on “Past World Champions: Andrew Faris 1997 + top three

  1. Sick riding 97 i'm guessing here Martti and Farris battle and Jason Brown that dude was rad so damm fast where is he now ?

  2. Yeah 97 did not see that ha ha shame Farris quit he was riding so well and had a ton of good moves at this point of his life.Think he was riding for Basic Bikes here.

  3. No idea where Jason Brown is right now, shame he was a great talent both in the riding and video department, around the time of the 97 worlds faris was blwing up big time, top 2 in the US, props profile, ride with basic, and new tricks daily, Faris was a great guy for the sport. I can understand why he quit, he didnt want to just fizzle out, he was competitive guy.

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