Pat Fisher – Project Teaser #1

Caught this one on the BMX Union website. Open your mind and take a look and listen to Pat Fisher. Interesting would be an understatement. Every once in a long while in BMX, someone emerges from the shadows and really throws people for a loop. Tim Knoll in flatland circles, but also Jason Levy and Derek Nelson are good examples. Not only are their riding styles unorthodox, but they also had very different views on life than the average rider. Pat Fisher is one of these people. He is not constrained by concepts of what is “cool” or “lame” or “normal” in BMX, and seems to ride everything that he comes across. At the end he expresses some thoughts and concepts that your average rider would never even have cross his/her mind. Interesting stuff, to say the least.

5 thoughts on “Pat Fisher – Project Teaser #1

  1. bizzare in the beggining but really interesting at the end,especially the words!”keep riding and thinking” i love this approach! imagine how different things would be.. 😉

  2. AWSOME! Thanks for putting the weird back in freestyle. This guy has 2Hip bikes written all over him. Conformity= failure:-(

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