Paul Chamberlain for S&M

Paul Chamberlain is a character, with humour as dry as a box of cornflakes. We tried to film a normal edit, really, but it didn’t work out. His brother Carlos was on a visit from the UK, new to BMX Paul took Carlos under his sarcastic wing to show him the ropes at Sydney’s Dulwich Hill Skatepark. The following video was filmed in a single afternoon at the park, but that’s how Paul rolls, on a busted old basketball court pouring sarcasm in a true Southend manner.
“You can take the boy out of Southend But you can’t take the Southend out of the boy.”

6 thoughts on “Paul Chamberlain for S&M

  1. A fine example of an English gentleman.
    Don’t worry Paul, I have ridden since last month…
    I gots to gets back on my bike.
    I Enjoyed the vid man.

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