Paul Chamberlain – The spot at the end of the world

Paul Chamberlain is one of the most interesting characters on the flatland scene. Paul just got in contact with some news, he has put together a ebook of random stories called “The Spot at the End of the World”. He is still working out how to get it out there to people, but wanted to share with the flatland community a blog post with the first chapter. Hit the link below:

3 thoughts on “Paul Chamberlain – The spot at the end of the world

  1. Thanks for posting mate. Been a bit busy to finish it, but I will soon. If one person reads all of it then it was worth it.

  2. yeah Paul this was very good and really funny!! can not start and not finish to read since you want to know what’s next!! then this is short and frustrating to get only one chapter yet 😀
    And I got to learn many words and expressions by the way, very cool then!
    (signed the french wearing a kind of poncho 15 years ago at a jam somewhere in UK 😉 )

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