13 thoughts on “Paul Osicka joins the Nous BMX team

  1. nous means we in french
    that’s just like the 3rd bmx brand like this if I am not missing something (?), talk about bmx gathering people
    We The People
    We Bicycle

  2. Every time I turn around There s another reason for me to not quit riding.Paul is THE boomerang MASTER in my position,and that alone displays his uniqueness.One of the baddest dudes ever.period.

  3. The land of the rising sun…….AND …THE great flatland guru …CONNECTED now ! I cant wait to see this coming years THIS company and legend rider , teamed up for 2020 ! Riders are STILL talking bout that lil teaser of HAMMER moves from Paul @ that 2016 N.O.R.A.CUP award ceremony , where he presented Viki with the cup ! Also………..man ……to have seen some of those all night riding sessions , right when he was testing / riding his Tao prototype frame , living @ Rampage Skate park in Iowa , back in early 1996………can you imagine , just WHAT he would get up to riding his bike, ALL night , EVERY night ?!! Osicka = M.O.C. mentality , as far back as 1994 , haha……RESPECT / SALUD to Nous and THE bmx jedi !

  4. I wonder why he didn’t keep rolling with standard? Rick seems like one the raddest dudes out there, and produces some of the worlds finest frames/parts.

  5. The same thing occurred to me BZ about Standard. I don’t know, but guessing they were maybe going in another direction.

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