Paulo Gepulango – Original Ride-in?

Original Ride-in? from Paulo Gepulango on Vimeo.

Within flatland and perhaps BMX as a whole, it is brave to call out a trick as original or NBD etc. Paulo Gepulango just dropped this nice new clip with a steamboat fire hydrant step to backwards squeaker to crackpacker. I recall Viki Gomez doing a lot of stuff like this when he rode front brakes, but I don’t think I have seen it brakeless. Whatever the case, good to see you progressing Paulo!

4 thoughts on “Paulo Gepulango – Original Ride-in?

  1. Very nice switch, Paulo’s riding is always great to watch! Not sure if this is an actual first for this specific ride-in or not, but I’d have to say though that, in general, I don’t think a trick should be regarded as new just because a rider doesn’t run brakes when doing it, since its often the case that riders with brakes don’t necessarily use them for every trick/link they do. Given his skill level, I’d imagine that if Viki was doing this same exact ride-in bitd, he could (and probably did) do it without tapping his brake at all. Not taking away anything from this clip at all though, it’s a dope ride-in regardless. =)

    • Yes bro your right, actually when we meet here in the philippines last time he said that my ride-in was original. So i was very surprised about it, then wondered if its true. And yeah if it is i am very happy for it. But if not still i really love this ride-in for its uniqueness. And that you so much my friend for your compliment.

      Much love and respect bro. 🙂

  2. Not sure that I ever saw Viki do this one before exactly, although it did remind me of his xfoot on the pedals straight to turbine crack packer ride-in from LandEscape A.

  3. I’v done this without the kick on the tyre, ill put a vid up on insta.
    It is a cool lil switch i’v not seen anyone do either.

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