12 thoughts on “Pedro Melo – Flatland BMX 1997

  1. Out of everyone I’ve known and ridden with in BMX, Pedro is hands down the most underrated in my book. I stayed with him in Portugal about 7 years ago for a week or so, and the level of bike control the man has is just insane. Between the tricks I saw with own eyes and the ones we’ve discussed he’s done over the years, it was pretty apparent. Rides and kills every discipline.. Some people talk about how certain riders are never really done justice with video parts and I always felt that way about Pedro.

  2. Always when i watch Pedro riding i have this need to go out and ride. His riding is so motivating and inspiring! Love it!

  3. Yeah, I agree with the first two respondents whole heartedly. I’ve only seen snippets of his ridding but, of the stuff I have seen, I love every bit of it. More then even the control, which is beyond impressive, the enjoyment his ridding exudes is amazing. He just looks like he does it cause he loves it, and all of the innovation seems to speak to that.

  4. i got some footage i filmed of him from urban games if he is the gripless rider. never knew who he was just that he was good…. i’ll have to try and find the tapes and convert and upload sometime…

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