Pegless flatland with Georges Manos

George Manos kicked ass at the masters a few years back, hadnt heard anything from him since then till now… Shredder!!!

15 thoughts on “Pegless flatland with Georges Manos

  1. Interesting that georges riding is drastically different than Chad j's and Leo claros, yet many might pegless limits your tricks, there still seems to be room to manoever if that makes sense. Awesome edit!

  2. this is amazing..good to see orignal moves and style..its a really pure form of riding to .well done george Manos .hope it catches on

  3. I have been out of the game for quite some time. Just starting riding again, and I am just getting use to see some guys riding brakeless. Now to see this video! Wow! Brakeless and Pegless. VERY PROGRESSIVE!

  4. Simplicity can be boring but this was amazing to watch! I've been a fan of George since I saw him at the masters a few years back, killer!!

  5. Yes Carter!! The no foot Karl right inside bike is insane!! I have a feeling we will see much more pegless riding in future. Anyone remember that line Dylan worsley did in his props interview, back wheel combo pegless, that was intense. So hard! Much respect to anyone who takes the pegless route!

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