Pete Brandt and Jesse Puente in bboy battle

Just saw this on, good stuff from two west coast legends of the sport!

6 thoughts on “Pete Brandt and Jesse Puente in bboy battle

  1. Breakdancers win – hands down!

    Watching two hacks. these are the thoughts that come to mind

    The new trend in flatland

    A)Learn a flashy combo
    B)Show off this combo to as many people as possible
    C)When the entire earths population has seen this combo
    D)Learn some new tricks

    Obviously these two, along with Terry Adams are stuck on Step C

  2. Yo Tdot

    Here's your choices

    1. post a video of yourself riding so we know you are not talking out of the side of your neck because you are a hater.

    2. Be a man and step to me and battle this out.

    3.Come pic up your girl from my house or atleast give here more money next time for the bus. I break myself for no one.

    4. get a fuckin life and be happy you got this much of my time. suckacock!!!

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