7 thoughts on “Pete Brandt – Back to back at the Clocktower

  1. No shit that how Pete MFN’ Brandt warms up?!!! Man Pete, I thought I was pumped on your riding when I started riding flat, but then flatsphere came out. I saw your part, and totally tripped out. Lost my mind the time I saw the backpacker flip/jump to hiker link without the bars tilting or even touching, so clean. Always stoked to see you rippin. I probably sound like a raving madman, but had to comment. Thanks Pete and Big-E for ever more motivation!

    • Big thanks BZ !! It really is my warm up right there. At first I was a little embarrassed that someone posted the warm ups without knowing because Iā€™m really pushing for the the new tricks and dialing in for some new video clips. Thanks again BZ for the kind words and Effraim for 10 years of connecting us all in this world of flatland!!

      • You can never be embarrassed about riding that good Pete, and especially off the bat! Really stoked to find that footage online, you might inspire one person with that clip to get out there and ride. And thats one of the big things I have learnt over the years of running the site. Your a big inspiration to many Pete! Big ups!

  2. For you to spin hikers so fast at your age, well, you really haven’t slowed down. And it doesn’t look you will any time soon Pete. In the coming years we’ll see a number of riders in the 50 plus club. I’m already in it haha, but not 1/2 the rider you are.

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