3 thoughts on “Pete Brandt: Covid self isolated garage session 3/22/20

  1. DITTO , on THAT , Tristan ! Pete shreds his NO handed orb / blender lines , FULL-stop in his compact sesh spot ……so rad , indeed ! Im kicking myself for miss judging the time that Pete / Robert Castillos BMX freestyle demo team was right HERE , in good ole San Antonio , performing demos for one week @ the stock show and rodeo …….I missed it , I thought they were gonna be here for MORE than a week , like the last time I DID go see / meet Brandt , back in 2017 ! They were only here doing demos for ONE week this time , haha……I missed em , mis judging their 2020 show schedule , haha…….Pete is a timeless monster , times 7 , on his bike , has been since 1989 ! Even with a ,like hiatus for YEARS……..he jumped right back in , evolved his riding , while even CREATING things , and soared RIGHT BACK to the TOP , killing contests GLOBALLY , riding for Kuoppa / Gomez , their infamous , for riders by riders , K.G.B. bmx company , shredded in LOADS of videos , edits , etc ,etc……..Brandt HASNT stopped SLLLLLAAAAMMMING DOWN his riding since he returned in mid- 2000 ! An ELITE rider , for sure……….again , loving THIS combo ….lil bit of tech , style , speed , and SO much aggression , just flowed effortlessly , yeah , Pete !!!

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