Pete Brandt – The City Exposed: Two wheels and imagination

The San Francisco Chronicle got together with Flatland legend, Pete Brandt to bring you this awesome documentary edit about Pete’s life riding, his injuries, how he got started, and of course great riding clips!

7 thoughts on “Pete Brandt – The City Exposed: Two wheels and imagination

  1. How about an interview from a riders perspective. I want to know about the standard days and how or why they ended. I want to know who his bike sponsor is. I want to know how he feels about the current state of BMX in particular. Years ago every company had to have representation in flatland, now hardly anyone does. Pete’s been here for decades and has seen so many interesting things, I think we need a REAL interview. Maybe have people submit questions.

    • @Todd – Totally agree, one my biggest inspirations growing up! Pete Brandt!

      @Jevin Jones – What are we talking here, regular interviews? I try to reach out to followers of flatmatters for questions and involvement, or you talking something else here?

  2. Recognition and respect. Pete has been killing it forever and always will!

    The older I get, the more stoked I get on the older riders that don’t stop!

  3. Very wise words from the most dedicated rider I know of. Pete rides the clocktower all day every day, and to me thats the most respect you could give your sport and your community.

    I believe Jevin is just saying he wants more depth and details surrounding Pete’s view on the industry. I think its a good idea, however I dont believe this edit was the appropriate context for that. It seemed like the videographer was going for eye pleasing aesthetic cinematography and a motivating message. I felt both were conveyed with a great eye and good editing, with the right message.

    Jevin, if you are interested in what pete has to say about the industry why dont you just message him on facebook and ask him specific questions? That would be the easiest way to get the information you seek. This does not have to be the platform for your own personal desire.

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