5 thoughts on “Pete Brandt – upside down orb to no handed blender

  1. Another one of my bmx idols since I first saw REALITY T.V. October 9 1989 !!! SHOUT OUT to Chad Johnston !!!!!! LOVING this combo, the ORB in time machine/ ice cream . Pete is such a as Phil Dolan would say , a WEAPON on a bike !!!! Dudes one of the true PIONEERS/PUSHERS since like 1988 , COASTING NO HANDED/CROSS LEFT SWITH – B ROLL !!!!!!!!! RESPECT !!!! I’m STILL laughing inside when TEX , Rob Thayer got him to prank call me at work in 2004 pretending to be looking for Flavor-Flave clock necklaces !!!! I used to work at a hip-hop clothing store !!!!!! The way Pete progresses/pushes his riding , in SUCH a public/busy/hectic/touristy location , being able to concentrate/focus just ASTOUNDS me !!!! SUCH A HARDCORE/ DRIVEN legend he is/always will be !!!!!! Frost/Mr.Jaffa Whip are right on the money with their comments also !!!!!!

  2. I’m surprised that SF hasn’t signed over ownership of that spot to Pete yet… lol. Miss being able to ride there on the regular and seeing Pete just kill it like this on the daily. Flatland immortal and Lord of the Clocktower. =)

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