Pete Brandt’s highlights at Voodoo jam by Rad Dad!

Rad Dad is f’ing awesome! Great lil mix here of the rest of Pete B!

4 thoughts on “Pete Brandt’s highlights at Voodoo jam by Rad Dad!

  1. Im stoked Pete brandt rode at Voodoo after lengthy time out of the contest scene, the guy will never stop! Killing it since the days of reality tv part one, and an inspiration to me since then, keep it going pete!

  2. Totally Reality t.v god that takes me back Aju had a copy of that on vhs years ago,Yep PB rips very inspiring think he's 39 or something sick rider and in great shape still never ceases to amaze me big props.

  3. This was the oportunity of a life time to see Pete Ride. I was very excited to find out he was going to be at Voodoo. I am greatful that I was able to put this highlight video together for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for Reposting!! Be on the look out for another Highlight video coming to site near you!!

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