Pete Hollinger Bikecheck

Frame- Sick Child Metropolitan 18.25.
“I’m not the tallest guy in the world and wanted to try something a bit shorter than the regular Sick Child frames. So Ed created the 18.25” TT version. The frame is simple, super high quality, light and responsive without being twitchy. I’m so stoked to have one”

Forks- Inertia
“This is my second set of these forks; they are light, simple and strong.”

Handlebars- Sick Child Metal Years 7.2” Zero.
“When I saw the prototype of these bars a couple of years ago I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pair. Now I have them they have lived up to my expectations, I put bars through hell and these have held up time and time again.”

Grips- Animal Edwins
“Tried these last year for the first time and haven’t went back. They are really soft and pretty thin, but they seem to last forever.”

Barends- Camacura steel
“Never really used anything else. I have a small stash of new ones for the future.”

Stem- Bizhouse Dialyser
“The old faithful”

Headset- Campagnolo.
“What’s to say really? Been riding it for over 4 years.”

Front wheel- Gsport Marmoset, Proper rim cross laced with double butted spokes.
“Been using GSport hubs for 6 years, they last with no hassle. I fancied a coloured rim to be fashionable, so I bought a red Proper one. I should really change it, coloured rims are so 2008. (laughs)”

Tyres- KHE Mac 1.5
“Have been using KHE tyres since 2005. I had one on the back for a while before that, with a Chase tyre up front. But when I put the KHE on I couldn’t go back.”

Pegs- Tree 1.5”
“I’ve been having a hard time with pegs recently. I fractured my foot last year and it has never really healed properly. I switch pegs regularly; I got hold of a set of Ares Silencers which I use when my foot gets sore. I find it easier to kickflip with the smaller pegs though.”

Seat- Various bits of Macneil seats
“I have the best seat around right now. It’s the pad and hollow bolt from the Macneil flatland seat and the base from the Macneil O.G. The underside of the seat is totally grinded out. No supports, nothing. I tried the Macneil flatland seat, but the grip sucks.”

Seatpost- Ceneca
“I have a 330 post, just prefer the original”

Seatclamp- Animal
“It clamps my seatpost”

Cranks- Ares Ill Blend 152
“When I saw these for the first time they reminded me of Primo Powerbites, which are my favourite cranks of all time. So after riding tubular cranks for a year or two I thought id go back to alloy. I’m pleased to say im more than happy with them.”

Chainwheel- Ares Peace 18t
“You can’t see it so it doesn’t matter what I run, as long as it works”

Pedals- Animal Hamilton
“Perfect size, flat and they seem to hold up better than the other plastic pedals ive used.”

Chain- KHE
“It’s light and works; it’s a chain, so im not too fussy.”

Rear Wheel- Geshia Light hub, Sun Chinook rim, cross laced using double butted spokes.
“I heard good reports about the KHE hub and decided to sell my pimped out Nankai. I don’t regret the move, but I will say this, the KHE has never failed to work as a freecoaster. It’s reliable. If only the quality was a tad higher, as much the hub seems to be made of cheese.
The Chinook rim works but perhaps a bit to narrow for hardcore use. It needs trued quite a bit.”

Weight- As it sits in the picture: 19.4LBS

Shouts – Ed Nussbaum and Ralph @ Animal.

2 thoughts on “Pete Hollinger Bikecheck

  1. The detail hes gone into on the seat is mental!! def tricked out, the bikecheck reminds of an old artcile on pete b and eric emerson in freestylin.

    great stuff. sickchild rep

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