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Pete Hollinger was in town for 4-5 days for the King of Southsea contest, the day after the contest we shot this bikecheck, Pete’s ride is dialled, check it out!

Frame – SickChild Instrumental 18.25″

“I think this is my eighth SickChild frame, from the Baddabling to the Aqueduct, from the Metropolitan to the Instrumental, they’ve all been solid. I was on a 19.25 version of this last year, it was great for whiplashes but because I’m such a short-ass i struggled to do anything else so i switched back to the small one.”

Bars – S&M Intrikat

“Just won these at KOS. They feel huge compared to my last bars, need a while to get used to them.”

Grips – Proper

“Nice and long.”

Barends – WTP Titanium

“I picked up a few pairs of these dirt cheap a while ago. They are pretty sick. I shred barends pretty often so its one part of my bike I’m really particular about. Before these I always ran the Quamen stainless steel ones.”

Stem – Bizhouse V1

“Had this for years. I was running it when I learned kickflips, didnt slip once. No complaints.”

Headset – FSA

“Its a headset. Not much to say, although I will give it its dues, its been around for a few years, probably time for a change.”

Forks – Flatware Zero

“I wanted lightweight, zero forks with a long steerer- these were the only option really. I wish they made brakeless versions. Stones always end up inside the legs due to the brake mount holes – the noise drives me mad! I spend ages at the end of a session shaking my bike to get them back out. Its like one of those labyrinth games only you cant see what you are doing.
I have always used zero forks. I tried some Primo Strand forks recently, they were awesome but I just couldnt get used to the offset”

Front Wheel – 36h Primo 7005 Rim, Proper Hub, double butted spokes and G-Sport nipples

“I always like to pimp my wheels, when I’m buying a new set I like to do the job properly. I have no complaints about this wheel at all. Two years old with no problems.”

Seat – Macneil

“I think its a pad from the original OG seat which is about 5 years old, probably more. Then the base is from the newer version which has been cut, grinded and drilled to within an inch of its life. I have tried a few seats but I always come back to this one.”

Seatpost – Primo

“They are all the same really”

Seatclamp – Animal

“I am a nightmare with seatclamps. I always overtighten them, I have broken at least four this year already. The Animal one has survived the longest.”

Cranks – Profile Mini

“This is my second set of these, nothing else on the market comes close. They are stupidly light, simple and seem to hold up just fine.”

Sprocket – 20t Tree Spline Drive

“Again, this is my second one of these. Quality is second to none. Ideally I would like to see either Profile Mini cranks made for spline-drive or Profile Mini cranks made for micro drive as it would look much cleaner but thats just me being fussy. I know both versions are available in standard Profiles but then they weigh a bit more. Its not that im overly concerned about weight, just that I like to pimp everything out as much as possible.”

Pedals – Odyssey Twisted

“I was running Fly pedals for a while which were really nice but they came loose and I had nothing to tighten them with at the time so I switched to these. I’ll probably put the Fly ones back on when I get round to tightening them up. Lazy.”

Chain – Cult 410

“Cheap and cheerful with a halflink. I need a halflink to get the rear end length right and this seemed like the best option. One thing that annoys me a bit is that no matter how tight it is the rollers still rattle from side to side and make noise. Again, thats me just being super fussy.

Rear Wheel – 36h Primo 7005 Rim, Federal V1 Coaster, double butted spoked, G-Sport nipples

“When i built up this wheelset I wanted everything to be black. Since the Geisha is only available in silver the guys at Seventies hooked me up with a black Federal V1 shell which I then put Geisha internals in. No complaints at all.

Tensioners – Quamen

“What’s to say?”

Tyres – Odyssey Frequency G

“I rode KHE’s for years but I was wearing through them way to quickly. The Odysseys are fine but I have to say, with the cost of tyres going through the roof i reckon I will try something cheaper next.”

Pegs – Tree

“Had these for years and they have lasted really well. The ends are still in really good shape.”

6 thoughts on “Pete Hollinger Bikecheck

  1. Cheers Brandon, I’m definately going to get me a pair of those!

    Howard – they are 1.5″ front and rear. They are technically prototypes from the very first batch ever made…….
    So that will give you some idea of their age 🙂

  2. I know im late but i love that frame sick, sick, sick, what size r those tires i have the 1.85s but dont want to run em cuz it seems as tho i have the last new set all others being sold r 1.75s i think? An r too thin for my big ass LOL
    Anyway im jus gettin into flat but i need/want a frame with a mid BB i like that better than the euro all in all vey nice rig here.

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