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Who’s older Whitey or Phil? One thing is for sure James is more computer savvy than Phil, good times putting this together! We managed one photo of Phil’s bike, good ol Sharlene (Phils wife) saved the day! And its taken me a few hours to re-align Phil’s text, what a mission! The banter will live on forever, one of the masters of rolling style im sure you will agree, Phil Dolan! Heres his ride…in epic detail…

Frame: KGB New generation psycho something (acid trip purple)

Fork: KHE please dont break while i am riding!

Aheadset: Headset with ball bearings

Bars: Odyssey bars from louisiana shredder Terry Adams

Bar ends: shredded st martin bars ends

Grips: Rubber grips

Stem: Old bizhouse stem

Brakes: Invisible brakes

Tyres:Primo comets fat front emaciated back

Tubes: Ones that inflate!

Pegs: James whites charity sequence hand me downs

Seatpost: Alone

Seatclamp: no idea but works

Seat: Old GT I found in back of shed and weighs a ton

Chain adjustor: One that keeps me tense

Cranks: 170 profiles with ti axle that i still haven’t finished paying for

Chainring: blue and massive

Pedals: Odyssey

Rims: Alienation

Hubs: Proper front, Taska freecoaster

Spokes: that just keep breaking

Anything specific to you that you must have on your own ride:
I like my ride to be tight 120psi and when I throw my bike I should’nt be able to hear any rattles.

Sponsors: er whats that.

Advice to beginners on bike set ups?
For beginners dont do a james white and tighten your pegs with your hands, hes the only one who gets away with it,don’t grind and chop your bike so light that like james white if the wind is blowing at one mile an hour or someone breathes you get stopped dead a little weight can keep you moving….ask sam fox!

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  1. Not sure who's older but i know at 42 i'm older than both of them ,cool set up what ever happened to Phil's Quamen did that go to bmx heaven ?

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