10 thoughts on “Phil Dolan progression 1 edit

  1. Cool stuff but R.L Osborn was doing those on the frame backwards dude back in 87/88 ,sick doing it forwards opens up a few new doors 🙂

  2. Before y’all jump on me, no R L was not linking them from brakeless Fire hydants or fakie whiplashes (which he also did) haha yeah i’m a nerd , his were from a 180 endo basic really same with the 1 foot Rocket Backwards nose manuals Fiola did circa 1985 ,great to see this friggin awesome and bloody hard ,top man ..

  3. Yeah E totally different concept and way way harder i was going into tricktionary nerd mode haha ,i’ve not seen anybody do these brakeless before linked into other tricks , props to Phil so much control great to watch 🙂

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