Phil Dolan Rising from the Ashes at 40 Jam

Phil Dolan Rising from the ashes at 40 jam from emer bmx on Vimeo.

“Great legend and good friend Phil Dolan celebrated his 40th Birthday with a Flatland Jam in London spread over 2 days in July 2011. There was a great turnout, including James White, Flat Matters himself Effraim Catlow, Amos Burke, Jason Forde plus many others. Phil can still deliver a trick or two with previously unseen links / combinations. Check out the nice little banger at the end!”

Johann Chan

12 thoughts on “Phil Dolan Rising from the Ashes at 40 Jam

  1. Cracking edit Johann!! You must do more edits, really impressed with the quality, that D Lock came into its own on there. D’lockin’ in camden! Thats got me pumped for todays session!

  2. I can see Phil kicking that front tyre back to forward nose wheelie off that first g turn where he locks into backwards nose manual, that would be even more mental!!!

  3. Brakeless G-Turns,nose wheelie G-Turned out sick Phil ,great edit Johann and a killer tune, shame i couldn’t make the Sunday spot looks awesome how you say in English “Damm fine old chap ” really enjoyed this one guys 🙂

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