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  1. i can help here as i have a lot of footage of phil from the empty years in timeline plus additional clips to add to them. rider cup 1992- that run should be on youtube i think, 1993 koc flat runs and practice, plus some clips of on his new standard at the time jumping and flatland at bath skatepark, 94 and a lot of 95 i was filming with the cardiff skaters making thugs so didn’t film much bmx- later they did pritchard vs dainton- then mtv dirty sanchez) , 95 koc i think i attended, 96 koc, 97 koc and phil at bike show nec- could be another year though (blue standard tao), urban games 98 or 99- gt show bike, koc’s up to 2000. then bust my knee up july 2001 tore acl,cartilage, fractured tibia on a crashed 3 whip so missed koc this year and urban games. 2002 or 3 the bike show nec- when martti was over- and urban games again i think- oh and 99 phil at level vibes caterham. just remembering tapes off the top of my head. in time hopefully all this will be digitized and online. please be patient…… ha.

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