Phil Dolan week starts here!

This week in celebration of Phil being 40 years old, we will be showing some video parts/contest runs of his all week, as well as a top 5’s later in the week. Phil seems to have a contest button when it matters, check out this no touch run from the 01 X trials in Florida, for a small example.

7 thoughts on “Phil Dolan week starts here!

  1. At least i don’t feel so old now at nearly 43 ha ha ,to this day Phil’s still one of the best his brakeless rolling combo’s speak volumes he has so much flow in those tricks and in my opinion pretty untouchable in that department ,birthday greetings , life begins at 40 so they say 🙂

  2. Big up the master if it wasnt for his show for GT at the first ever NASS i wouldnt even be riding today true story . To enforce jays sentiments Phil get them brakes on and show mother fuckers how its done!

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