Pinky Squeak Contest Results!

Rad Dad just announced the results of the Pinky Squeak contest, pretty cool to have multiple winners with different styles…Congrats to Markus, Kwon, and David Hoffmann!

222 Pinky Squeaks Markus Reich
29 Brakefree Pinky Squeaks Seongtaek Kwon
2 Original Pinky Squeaks David Hoffmann

10 thoughts on “Pinky Squeak Contest Results!

  1. if fact the “2” that Dave did do were double footed squeaks, originals were off the tyre and frame ,still 222 beats my 219 haha joke,well done guys 🙂

  2. TheFlatlandGods thank god somebody else agree’s ,my point exactly not an original at all nothing like the way Gary Pollack did them or Brett Hernandez for that matter ,the clip of Ruben Castillo on was one though.

  3. shut it ” rjs ” its called an opinion we all are entitled to one ,doubt if you even know who Gary Pollack is ,major buzz kill very dramatic term haha.

  4. BTW i left Global flat years ago due to wankers on there winding me up as on there you aren’t allowed an opinion either without some idiot jumping down your throat .Don’t know why i bother you state a fact or have an opinion and some person i know only as 3 letters has a pop.

  5. i wouldn’t mind as much but your comment does not relate to the video’s only to the comments ,guess you were dissapointed or so caught up in the heat of the moment that you totally forgot what the video’s were about.

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