Pioneers: Dennis McCoy + Kevin Jones

Heres a couple of vids by popular request of Dennis McCoy and Kevin Jones, Dennis pioneered the way for modern day flatland along with Kevin Jones and the Plywood Hoods, not to mention numerous others, I could go on…. I love the first edit of McCoy at the AFA Austin 1988 I grew up watching this on a tatty vcr tape, this somehow added to it, no internet and we are watching what’s going on in the US. Feel the energy, and the speed McCoy cranks into the tricks, inspiring!!!! Also take note of the crowd being so into it, they knew he touched on the triple flail boomerangs in Arizona (previous afa round), love it!

+ If anyone knows the mixes he rode to below, get in contact..

Kevin Jones as an amateur rider, AFA Arizona 1988. Already bringing his original tricks to the game…Great run.

Check out more old school clips on:

9 thoughts on “Pioneers: Dennis McCoy + Kevin Jones

  1. Kevin elevated flatland more than anyone back then, like what Martti has done more recently, imho. Good to see some history again, nice post Krt and E.

  2. Krt's site is awesome, wanted to give him props for sure!
    I dont think anyone will have the "effect" on flatland that Kevin Jones did late 80's through the 90's, trick after trick, new positions, all his, how many people can say that, to this day almost everyone is doing variations of "his" tricks.
    Every interview of Kevin's I ever read he always gave props to McCoy, you can see why, but yet even as an am, Jones was so creative, locomotive, death trucks, and the deadtime between tricks was kept to a minimum, he really thought about his runs.

  3. You can see variations on Kevins tricks even today but still to this day a lot of his stuff has not been duplicated that elbow glide on the pedal for example Day Smith does something similar as for DMC gets my respect from day 1 ever since i saw him at Holeshot 1986 through to the rider cup loved his handgliders and candy bar double backwards whiplashes yeah i have 101 tricks part 2 ha ha classic.

  4. I'm not sure who did the pedal elbow glide first, I remember seeing Perry mervar do it first, but that doesn't mean necessarily mean he did it first. Day smiths no footed elbow glide is insane, he coasts that trick for at least 500 yards, also he did the elbow glide with foot on the stem,insane balance point.

  5. Yeah forgot about Perry Mervar doing that,still rides apparantly with Steve Mulder,Kip Williamson etc.Day's elbow glide variation's are so damm impressive i mean they are up there with the best.

  6. Effraim.

    Thanks for posting this. It brought back so many memories. I was at this contest the video of McCoy was filmed at. 1988 Austin AFA Masters Series. McCoy rode to Run DMC, and the last part was Metallica. He was also very fond of Minor Threat. McCoy was electrifying at this contest. Such intensity and speed!!!

  7. Oh, also…this is the contest that Kevin Jones unleashed the dump truck and death truck to the world.

    I agree…I don't think anyone will ever have the effect Kevin has had on flatland. And you are right…almost everyone is just doing variations of his tricks. Although, it could be argued that Aaron Dull also invented some of the same tricks around the same time, but on the west coast.

  8. Tod.borndead…. Thanks for posting, jealous you were at this contest, as I just explained on global, I grew up watching this contest on videotape twenty years ago, infact this tape did the rounds on the ukbfa circuit. Jones was and is incredible, I rode with Aaron dull at golden gate park around 89, he was insanely progressive, and much like jones, McCoy very fast on the rolling tricks, this doesn't always show on the tapes..

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