Pro Comps. Too much Drama? What’s Going On? (part 1 of 4)

“The following private conversation was sparked after Effraim made a post on FlatMatters about the Fise comp in France a while back. Since this conversation, another altercation arose in the US. Although it’s fun to meet up and ride with friends at comps, there’s a lot more to it, especially for a pro rider, the organizers of the event, as well as the flatland community as a whole. Effraim and I decided to make our conversation public and invite others to listen in.”

14 thoughts on “Pro Comps. Too much Drama? What’s Going On? (part 1 of 4)

  1. i readed the half of it, and i know what you mean with take it to the positivety! but this is some old news and my opinion is dont take old boxes out of the garage. there was already a HUGE conversation about this last time.. i like to see movies and interviews about flat+ but not those discussions about whats good or bad.

  2. Ciaran that isn’t childish ,childish is behaving like Jedward or behaving in a child like manner ,get it right homeboy.Ignorance is judging something by your own standards hardly childish, c’mon give John a break my 9000 trick master 🙂

  3. There is always room for change its an interesting topic a debatable one ,one which goes back and forth and this being our passion in order for it to grow new idea’s need to be adressed and flatland as underground as it is i would welcome any change , but i think experimenting with different formats within judging,runs,battles,overall running of comps,prizes etc etc is a step .There will always be arguments for and against any change but its outweighing the positive’s over the negative’s we can have our say but lets face it we are not getting any younger ,these changes need to be put into place to see if it would benefit the sport ,its a case of trial and error and all the politics that go on in flatland there will probably be a few that disagree but in the words of Elvis Presley ” you canot please everyone “

  4. Here’s a few things I’d like to call for Judging reform.

    Riders MUST come first in these events.

    1. More time in between Runs for Judges to correctly tabulate Scores.

    2. Absolute NO to judging “style” and ” showmanship”

    3. Proper Documentation Of Events paid for by event organizers, riders, etc

    4. As far judging Techinques (i.ed bar flips, pumping, turbining,pivots, scuffing, kicklips,whips, feathering) there must be a general consensus of what techniques are more difficult.

    5. Techniques should not be seen as required by riding when judging variety, If someone scuffs for example, it will be judged accordingly, but we CANNOT persecuted riders for not scuffing or not pumping etc.

    6, Judge The Tricks that ACTUALLY happen in the contest time.Knowing a given riders skill,what they are capable , and what they tried but did not land Should Not be Factored Into to Judging scores.EVER. This will prevent riders that have brought big tricks in the past from getting a shoe-into their placing because of their names.

    More to come.

  5. So there you have it Effraim the proof why flatland will never change or get any better …… because its heavily populated by nutbags.

  6. Theres your proof all politics you can’t say a thing wrong on here or right without being jumped on time and time again f**** me off and we want flatland to change it never will with TJ’s brother on here , guess common opinion doesn’t matter anymore sod democracy it doesn’t exist ,sod common opinion we aren’t allowed one.
    lets all behave like clones or stuffed ducks complete degenarate’s with no mind of our own , yes son it will never change your right what with riders that rely on the internet to gain popularity why ????? or riders that never ever frequent comps yet critisize them why ???????Effraim there’s your proof ,FACT you know i’m right you know it . nutbags haha OMG bollocks to that ,give me strength lol.

  7. i think this quote is important- the three man battle at the end didn’t count off for touches, just what you pulled counted.

    and as a sometime judge i highly disagree with this statement-. Absolute NO to judging “style” and ” showmanship”

    now, ill gie ya the showmanship, but you need mad skeez when you’re riding, especially in pro. if someone hail hitlers a 1/2 packer instead of a nice limp wrist w/ a lil ‘what, i’m doin a 1/2 packer? whatev’s toots’ they’re not getting too many style points in a contest or life

  8. I feel a riders style isn’t dictated by how they dress or how their bike looks but how they ride. The trick selection and composition of the combos. A lot can be said about how you string tricks together even if all the parts have been done but you find a unique way to mix them.

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