2 thoughts on “Pro Comps. Too much Drama? What’s Going On? (part 3 of 4)

  1. This “art-form” has always made it’s greatest strides when it’s been left alone in it’s original state…unchained and free of judgement. Contests are a great place to see old friends and free ride, but that’s about it. The idea of a flatland contests is doomed for failure off the hop.

    How long have debates like this gone on? Since back in the AFA days. You only need to put your hand on a hot stove one time to realize how hot it really is, you know? Stop repeating the same mistakes and just stop giving a shit about comps and perhaps they will die off forever, once and for all. Web edits will showcase riders in their own environment just dropping bombs and push the progression. The K never liked comps and the entire flatland community would wait with baited breath for every Dorkin’ vid so they could see what the master had been up to and how much further he has pushed his discipline. Modern flatland doesn’t need comps to push progression or the “sport”…just look at Martti. The tricks he churns out are amazing and they are pure because he’s doing it for himself…

    And listening to people bitch about contests results that are all really based on opinion is a total F’n drag. I’ve been at the table and it sucks…

    We all got into this because we loved to ride, freedom creation, limitless possibilities, etc. If you want to make a living riding flatland one must find a way to give it away to those who know nothing of this. Bobby has it right…make it entertainment.

    Just my opinion…I could be wrong.

  2. I thought the AFA days were a blast and we had lots a family’s involve in the comps back in the days of Texas AFA. I remember I won second points leader in intermediate class the first year I competed. It only took one win to get out of novice class and three wins in intermediate class to get into expert. Good days

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