Product: Profile Freecoaster

Here’s the word from Kurt over at BMX Union who’s at Interbike working hard to keep us all updated with what’s new for 2014!

“Alright, so here’s what I know… Profile is working on a freecoaster. They are just getting into testing and they are a ways out from its release. They can’t share what’s inside just yet, but I can tell you the internals are based off a cassette hub which is really interesting. This hub looks super promising and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more in the future! We will keep you posted.”

11 thoughts on “Product: Profile Freecoaster

  1. I have been told they aim to release it during spring next year, I’m trying to find out a little more info one what axle options there will be. Especially as Profile offer a 3/8ths Full Female (Not the She-Male one pictures) & 14mm Male Axles on their Cassette Hubs. I really hope this one works out well, i will be owning one!

  2. I’ve heard pretty good things about it from a source who had access and to a prototype. I’m a lot more hopeful now than I was this morning. Fingers crossed this will be a good product. I do not expect it to be very cheap, though!

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