8 thoughts on “Profile at Interbike

  1. 60 degrees sounds like a lot. I can’t find the degree on the Ezra but do isn’t feel like 60. The rest sounds good. Does it really have the cassette click ?

  2. 60 degrees does sounds like a lot! I was certain the Profile coaster was going to be a game changer but after watching that video, I’m not so sure.
    I saw what looked like the internals of the Eclat Blind hub being used in an MTB and road hub at Eurobike…. whether that’s a good or a bad thing I don’t know but it’s definitely interesting.

  3. I’m assuming the 60 degree lag is on the hub. With a 20:9 gear ratio that makes it 27 degree lag on the cranks. Too small a gap/lag makes a freecoaster useless in my mind so 60 degree sounds ok to me!

  4. I was at InterBike today & he told me that Tyler & Chad have been testing it & really seem to like it. He had alot of trouble early on with the pawls engaging wrong so he rounded them off so it’s a smoother engagement/disengagement. As for the cassette sound; yes it seems it will be about as loud as a normal cassette hub. I’m having high hopes for the Eclat hub as well. By the way, both hubs are going to be in the 19 oz range.

  5. not sure i can deal with the cassette sound. guess i will continue to wait until eclat releases their version and make a final decision then

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