Profile Racing – Z Coaster Parts Exploded Diagram


The release date for the Profile Z Coaster is just five days away,here is an exploded diagram of all the small parts of the Profile ZCoaster.
This should help you get familiar with all the internals upon release.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact them:

A. Drive-Side Jam Nut
B. Driver Bearings
C. Z Pawls
D. Springs
E. Slack-Cam Ring
F. Snap Ring
G. Friction O-Ring
H. Flat Spring Spacer
I. Cassette Conversion Spacer
J. Driver Support Bearing
K. Hub Body Bearings
L. Non-Drive Cone
M. Non-Drive Jam Nut”

One thought on “Profile Racing – Z Coaster Parts Exploded Diagram

  1. Wont trust it until other people spend their money and test it in the real world, and when they release other driver sizes like 10T or 11T.

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