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From Props: “In 1993 Props released it’s first ever BMX video on VHS tape, Props Video Magazine Issue #1. In 2001 Props released its first ever DVD, Road Fools 8. Today, March 19th, 2010, we are announcing our official partnership with BNQT Media Group to host and stream our content for high quality viewing at our new website The best part: it’s all free.”

“Going live today is the much anticipated Garrett Reynolds Bio by Stew Johnson, part of our newest Issue #75 DVD which starts shipping this week. Also live today are many recent and select classic sections from our archives. See it all at In the coming weeks and months we hope to post literally hundreds of sections from our running 17 year library, including entire full-length videos such as the Rock-N-Roll Tours, Road Fools, Megatours, and Best Of videos.”

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  1. Interesting development from Props, I guess in response to how quickly their video work goes online without their permission. Garrett Reynolds part is soooo good, great mix of styles, and even flatland style thrown in for good measure…

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