Proseed Side A & B Online!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of Proseed when I was at the Red Bull Circle of Balance in Tokyo, amazing video! Sit back and enjoy some awesome KOG footage right here, really well produced video by Juicy Vision!

The word from uploader-TekuFlat
+ Juicy Vision’s Proseed Issue One- Its been over 6 years since it was released, and theres no way to buy it now unless you live in Japan, and even then its hard to locate now. Theres a whole new generation of riders who will have never seen it and may never will, so I put it up here.

Juicy Vision doesn’t seem to exist anymore but if theres anyone who has a problem with this being up, just send me a message.


One thought on “Proseed Side A & B Online!

  1. Personally love watching established riders like Moto Sasaki in this edit, see where they come from, change in styles. The production on these Proseed dvds was (are) some of the best of seen within flatland.

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