Qualified riders list announced for Tokyo World Classic 2010

Congrats to James White, invited to the Tokyo World classic!!! Theres some surprising names not on this list, not sure what criteria was. Wheres Moto? Hotoke? Argueably the two best riders in japan not invited, kinda crazy!

1 Matthias Dandois: France
2 Youhei Uchino: Japan
3 Viki Gomez: Spain
4 Terry Adams: USA
5 Hiroya Morizaki: Japan
6 Shintaro Misawa: Japan
7 Raphael Chiquet: France
8 York Uno: Japan

Matt Wilhelm: USA
Martti Kuoppa: Finland
Yuki Sakai: Japan
Jeff Boullianne: Canada
Alexandre Jumelin: France
Shinichi Kiba: Japan
Adam Kun: Hungary
Justin Miller: USA
Tomokazu Morinaga: Japan
Tsutomu Kitayama: Japan
Pete Brandt: USA
James White: U.K.

4 thoughts on “Qualified riders list announced for Tokyo World Classic 2010

  1. Congrats to whitey getting invited, I'm guessing they wanted someone from each country where possible?! Still surprising no Moto or Hotoke to me, these guys are smashing it!!!

  2. Certainly seems that way Burd, I guess the majority of this list is from guys that competed at the world circuit this year… But still Hotoke and Moto are currently the two I see pushing flatland in japan right now, its crazy!! Seems to be the way flatland is right now. How about a contest where you just invite the banging riders, that would be the craziness right there!!!

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