Quentin Pelorson – D.I.Y NoSteamRoller

Quentin Pelorson D.I.Y NoSteamRoller from brakeless on Vimeo.

Definitely spoilt for edits right now, so much good stuff already this week! Today another treat from Ares Bykes/Brakeless Distrubution rider Quentin Pelorson! As the title says, no steamrollers and Quentin does it well! Look out for the inside half packer kick flip he dropped last year mid combo at 3:18 with his signature karl step into inside half packer, as well as the ender is a nice xft spinning half packer also mid combo! Definitely don’t miss this one, featured at the top of the site for the day!

12 thoughts on “Quentin Pelorson – D.I.Y NoSteamRoller

  1. In a word: DOPE! Some of the switches and jump transitions are serious business! Awesome riding Quentin!

  2. Quentin, Serious flow and power. Always pleasure seeing what you’re doing. That fall at the turbined xfooted halfpacker was rough but props for pulling it!

  3. Serious anti-gravity thing going on at 2:18… just caught onto Quentin’s edits a few months back, but I’m always on the lookout for new stuff from him now. No steams is a nice direction to go in with them being so prominent nowadays, and reminds me of Sam Foakes tossing out pumping… maybe “avoiding time machines” next episode? =)

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