Quest BMX enter the Flatland Pedal Market!

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Quest BMX just entered the flatland pedal market, here’s what Danny Sirkin over at Quest BMX HQ had to say about their new pedal.

“These are compact flatland-specific pedals that have chromoly axles and ball bearings. The name comes from the main road I used to ride, as a kid, when going back and forth to school. That same road connected me to all of my flatland friends, back in the day. While these may look similar to the Moto pedals, which are awesome, they do have different features and dimensions, plus they’re lighter! The best part is that the price is significantly lower! Less than half the price!”

These are available now at and next week at

4 thoughts on “Quest BMX enter the Flatland Pedal Market!

  1. i’ve been running Motos for almost a year now – LOVE them. thankfully i won them in a flatland fuel contest so they were free or i might have never tried them because of the high price, might try these Quests out next if i ever finally wear out or break the Motos i currently have…

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