Quest BMX Video Contest fan voting goes live…..


The Quest BMX Sponsor me video contest ended last night tonight at midnight US Eastern standard time. Fans opportunity to vote begins tomorrow morning from 9am and closes Tuesday 9pm (1/16-1/19) the voting survey link will be here: and will conclude Tuesday January 19th at 9pm (EST).

* Let’s be professional and vote responsibly. These rider’s worked very hard for this and deserve honest votes….

One thought on “Quest BMX Video Contest fan voting goes live…..

  1. HUGE shout out AND thanks to QUEST BMX for hosting this RAD video comp , very generous of them to offer up such a SWEET deal/give away/opportunity !!!! This REALLY got me stoked to film and witness/appreciate some SICK/TECH/STYLISH/HAMMER riding from ALL of the riders who THREW DOWN with their entry videos !!!! Man , I was watching EVERYONES entrys before AND after I went and rode in the garage yesterday , STOKED , really caught off guard with some of the HAMMERS people NAILED SHUT in their videos !!! EVERYONE brought WEAPONS to the table and I am STOKED to have been part of this !!!! Good luck to EVERYONE , and THANK YOU AGAIN to QUEST BMX and BIG E aka EFFRAIM CATLOW !!!!!

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