Quest BMX Video Contest – Top 5 Fans Vote announced!


Danny Sirkin over at Quest BMX just published the top 5 riders from the Quest BMX Sponsor me contest voted by you the fans…

“It is with great excitement that we announce the FINAL top five finalists for the Quest BMX video contest!

In no specific order, they are:

Sakis Doumas
Percy Marshall
Gurvan Le Bloc’h
Jeremy Brosset
Williams Perez

A very sincere “congratulations” to everyone who has been a part of this journey thus far! We will announce the winner of the sponsorship this weekend on Flatmatters!”

Stay tuned! For now,let’s focus on the top 5 the fans voted for:

14 thoughts on “Quest BMX Video Contest – Top 5 Fans Vote announced!

  1. Congrats to all ! Though I must admit I’m still looking for Mateus’ name in this top 5, I’ve read it a few times and still can’t believe our Brasilian shredder is not in ! The rules are the rules…

      • I’m just disappointed for him as he’s been deserving to be supported for some time now ! Apart from that, this contest is a brilliant idea, so is his format, and everyone killed it. Props to Quest and all participants !

  2. Regardless who wins this is great exposure for all the riders that entered. Hope other companies step forward and support these guys. Props!!

  3. The folks in that top 5 killed it for sure, but Mateus MURDERED it in cold blood. Stay hungry man… your day is no doubt coming soon.

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