QuestBMX Training Video 1

A few clips from the first big jam in The TerraDome. Steve Lapsley, Shaun Lapsley, and Prasheel Gopal came down from up north, Danny Sirkin came down from Solon, and Scott Nagy and Andy Johnson came out from in-town. Hit Play!

3 thoughts on “QuestBMX Training Video 1

  1. After a year of working on it in private, so psyched to finally unveil my new signature trick; the Hitney Wouston (cross bar hang 5 to whiplash)

    Huge thank you to Joe “@footprintinspam” Cicman for the invitation and being such an amazing host, as well as Angie for the lovely cooking, and Danny, Scott, and Andy for coming out as well.

    It was awesome seeing @ShaunyLapsBMX hit his first hiker after 3 days of trying them (his second one being caught on film in this edit), and great to see @SteveLapsBMX expand on his unique trick set with his new signature Hokey Pokey Hiker (just Hokey Hiker for short).

    So much good times and giggles whenever parts of the #QuestBMX team get together.

  2. Joe is all that is Man ! Hospitality was unreal ! Thanks to my bro and everyone else for helping me learn fw hikers ! Crazy how much faster the progression is with help from others ! So stoked !

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