R.I.P. Dion Geaney.

Text- Mike Garrard
Back in the early 90’s, many of you will remember I used to produce a ‘zine, “Totally Intense”, one of my favourite parts about producing the ‘zine was the interaction with riders worldwide. The zine got as far as New Zealand, which I couldn’t believe that, Mike Garrard regularly kept in touch and started sending videos of their scene, which I was blown away by, incredible riders (Kerry Gatt most famously, Dion Geaney, Parris Whakarua to name a few), they went by the name “Sidewalk Dorks”). These riders had such an influence on my riding at that point in time, it’s always a sad time to lose part of the flatland family, Dion will be remembered forever by all those who knew him.RIP Dion Geaney. I’ll pass you on to Mike who wanted to say a few words…

Hi Everyone, my Name is Mike Garrard from New Zealand, I rode Flatland from the mid 80’s until 1999.
On the 24th of April 2011, I lost a Great friend and Flatlander Dion Geaney. Dion may not be a familiar name to most of you. But he rode with Myself,Kerry Gatt, Parris Whakarua, John Sherman, Simon Stojko Faulk, and in the USA, Dylan Worsley, Chad Degroot and the Big Daddy Kevin Jones and many others.

I first met Dion back in 88 I’d returned from the USA where the scene was huge at the time. Back in New Zealand there was no scene, but I met Dion and we built up a small scene together riding whenever and wherever we could. Eventually more Rider’s appeared on the Scene. One of them was Kerry Gatt who still rides today.

I got in contact with Effraim back in… (help me out here Effraim) I think it was 93?(Editors note: Correct)he had his
“Zine” back then Totally Intense Zine he interviewed me, and in another issue Kerry and Dion. It was through Effraim’s Zine I met another rider, Colin Smith from Scotland (S.O.B Video).
We had our Scene it wasn’t big, but we made up for that with our passion for riding.

I returned to the States in 92 my first time back since 88, the scene had changed but the Rider’s who did ride were truely Hardcore. Dion and Kerry wanted to see for themselves but it wasn’t until about 95/96 that they got their chance. Kerry decided to try and stay which he did. Dion after riding (and impressing) his Idol Kevin Jones, returned to New Zealand. I believe it was 97 when Dion stopped riding he no longer had Kerry, Myself or Dylan Worsley or Kevin Jones to ride with I think that’s when things went downhill.

Dion started Drinking and taking Drugs, but it was Drinking that ultimately caused his demise. I got him to come out and ride one time I think in 97, but he didn’t stay long it was obvious he wasn’t feeling it.
That made me very sad, I truely believe he could have been a World class rider, but it wasn’t to be.
For the better part of 15 years, Dion battled with Drinking and Drug abuse I only saw him twice during that time. On the 24th of April 2011, his Body gave up and he passed away at 1.30 in the Morning, he was 37.

Before he passed away, I had arranged with Dion’s Mother to go and see him in Hospital but I didn’t get the chance.
Dion was so talented at everything he did not just riding, but Art and Music as well. With Dion, it was all or nothing I attended his Funeral and it was the saddest day of my life! he was like the Brother I never had.
I wish I had pics of him riding (digital pics) but I don’t I gave all my regular pics of him riding to his Parents.

The reason I wanted to do this was to make sure Dion was never forgotten but also to tell you to live everyday
Like it’s your last ride hard and always be passionate about whatever you do in life just like Dion.
Take care my Friend I love you I miss you I’m sure you are at peace now.

Mike Garrard.
Below is part of the “Sidewalk Dorks- Mooses” video (produced by Dion) – and a link to some of Dion’s art.
If you have never seen Dion ride before 3:45- first link from Dion.

Sidewalk Dorks: Mooses from June Dungca on Vimeo.


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  1. I’m thankful to have the chance to get to know him a few years ago (he wasn’t riding anymore). He got in touch with me through NZ Flatland and felt like we immediately had a connection. He would tell me stories about the nz flatland scene back then and he was the one that introduced me to Sidewalk Dorks and another video that he produced.

    I was shocked to hear of what happened. His and Parris’ passing is a big loss to the scene and to those who knew him.

    RIP Dion.

  2. Thanks for this Effraim! I told Dion’s Mother at the Funeral that I would try to get The news out there I felt he deserved to be remembered even though he had Not touched a Bike in years, when he did ride, he was such a dedicated Rider I’d do anything to go back to the day’s when it was just myself and Dion riding Together everyday. Now, the new Riders like June are coming through to keep The scene alive! I’ll never forget you Dion R.I.P my Friend.

  3. No problem Mike, thank you for keeping the flatland world informed, not nice news of course, but people wish to know. Does Kerry know?

  4. the loss of a fellow rider is never easy, even though i didnt know him i feel a pain for the loss of a fellow rider. im still not right after the loss of uk flatlander leon hurst(rip). but heres a short qoute from him ” its better to have been a bmxer than not”. so to all who rode with him remember the good times and live for the moment cos life can change so quick. peace and love to all. shane baptiste

  5. well said shane! i saw an ad with rip leon hurst in it, really really sad times! and also recently josh king in the states, RIP Leon and Josh also…

  6. Yeah Mike, thanks for the that. Dion was an amazing soul and rider, he and Mike motivated me more than anyone at the time I started riding. Dion had so many tricks and always found unique ways of putting them together. I have tons of great memories from riding together, hanging, etc. and I thank him
    He will be missed.

    R.I.P. D.

  7. Thanks Effraim, Dylan, Shane, and Kerry (Kerry I still owe you a letter I haven’t forgot!) without a Doubt, some of the best times of my life were spent with Dion and Kerry. Dion could have taken riding so far! for a small Country, we have lost a few Riders, I should mention we lost another promising Flatlander back around 96-97 (it’s been so long I don’t know exactly when) “Vern” was another Rider. We lost him in a tragic Plane crash! then there was Parris, now Dion.
    It doesn’t matter to me if they are a “ex” Flatlander or still riding the loss is still the same. Shane, I didn’t know Leon but I feel your loss.

  8. I didn’t get to know Dion well, but I will always be glad that got to meet him and ride with him. So much talent, on and off the bike. RIP Dion and my sympathies to his friends and family

  9. Hi guys. It has been an incredible loss. I can’t think of anyone I felt closer too than Dion and now he’s gone, that’s a hell of a void in our lives to try and fill. Try and celebrate the good times and the life of a good man that had great passion for riding, music, film and art. I spoke to him just before he died and it will never seem real that he’s gone but he lives on in our memories and in his legacy. Here is ‘Return of the Mooses’. an old practice video of Dion riding at Khyber Pass tennis courts in 1993. Ride in Peace my friend.

  10. Hi Moderator;
    Looks like comments are moderated first.

    My name is Jono.
    I knew Dion Geaney from the “Treatment Centre” we were both residents at – in fact, we were room mates and best buddies, the whole time we were in there – 4 1/2 Months, during which we “completed” the full amount of time prescribed, and jumped through all the “hoops” set in our paths, at Higher Ground, near the end of Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland.

    I will leave my comment here, just in case there is now no one to curate anymore.
    Let me know, please.


  11. Somehow…when I took a rare look at the calendar app on my phone today—in 2017, this date (28 Mar) came up and had a note attached that I maybe too quickly assumed was the anniversary of Dion’s passing. Maybe March 28th was his birthday? Whichever the case, it doesn’t matter, because it made me think of Dion, and that made me smile at some of the hilarious stuff we’d joke about.
    You see, we should have been, and would have been great pals, had we grown up together. But a full 8635 miles distance (as the bird flies) between us, and maybe 10 years age between us puts a hard spike into that idea.
    We met online back in the early 2000’s and immediately became fast mates, just out of shared senses of humor, and by revealing some of a shared history with addictions. I have mostly beaten mine…or, have gained control over them, anyway, and I tried to offer some wisdom to Dion when I knew he was thrashing about with the problem. I wish I could have done more, but….I live the sponsor’s lament now. So it goes…
    But one of the very coolest things Dion and I discovered as we became online pals surrounded the the time when he spent some time touring as a sponsored bicycle trickster, here in the U.S. He talked about doing a stretch of time housed in a rented house, in York PA, which is about 25 miles south of where grew up, and I lived at the time, near Mechanicsburg PA. At that time, we were both fans of the band LiVE, who were about his age—give-or-take—also from York PA. I became aware of them, and discovered how good they were, even before they were called LiVe—they were Public Affection during and just after their high school years. When they satred spreading their musical wings we used to hire them to open for my band…and DAMN! they were good!!! Their legacy is history that millions now know…
    Well, when Dion and I started talking online, and we started putting all this stuff together, I realized that it was ***VERY*** likely that he and I had been in the same music venue at the same time, many years before, enjoying Live (Public Affection).
    Sooo…considering how gregarious I am, it’s VERY likely we’d met before, maybe even smoked a joint together, all those years ago, before we ever met online.
    Whether that actually happened or not, it kinda doesn’t matter. I want to pretend that it did, and remember the story that way…I talked to Dion on the phone a couple times when he visited the States before his death, and once shortly before he died after he returned to eNZed.
    I wished I could have said more, done more…I wish I could have Star Trek Transported over there to knock or hug some sense and wisdom into him…to let him know how much I really appreciated his presence on this planet.
    Dion, Mate…I really lament not having made you a lifelong friend, and that you’re no longer heree.
    We coulda had SOOOO much fun in the years to come!
    Peace, Love, Health, and Endless Tarmac to all of ya reading, and…Stay Amused!
    —Phos…. Lancaster PA USA.

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