Rad Dad hosts a Hitchhiker Juggler contest!

Heres the word from Rad Dad!

I decided to have a Hitchhiker Juggler Contest. I was going to do it for bragging rights but in Celebration of BMX Freestyler 7th Birthday I am going to throw in $20.00 to the winner. John Yull is going to throw in $20 as well. Joe Cicman is throwing in $20.00. Chadwick is throwing in $7.00.

This makes a prize of $67.00!
If anyone else would like to support this contest please get in contact with me at
Here are the rules.
1. All Hitchhiker Jugglers must be on the flat ground. You can not go rolling down hills.
2. You can not pump your Hitchhiker Jugglers to gain momentum.
3. You must have cranks with pedals because that make a big difference in this trick.
4. All entries must be filmed during the month of July 2011. Your video must show a current date with a newspaper or a phone or date time stamp on video. Older videos can be submitted for bragging rights but will not have opportunity for prize payment.
5. Contest will end July 30, 2011. The winner will be announced July 31, 2011 and the amount of $60.00 will be delivered to your pay pal account. If you don’t have a pay pal account please make one. Cash or Money Orders can not be mailed out.
6. The winner will be the most Hitchhiker Juggler rolling either forwards or backwards rotating either direction. You must land it for the Hitchhiker Juggler to count. Starting from a hitchhiker position going either clockwise or counter clockwise back into hitchhiker is 1 juggle. There will be no counting of 1/2 of a juggles. Your rear tire must not touch the ground until you ready to land. In case of a tie the first person that submited video will be decalred winner.
7. Official Contest entry videos should be sent to webmaster@bmxfreestyler.com Subject: Hitchhiker Juggler Contest.
Big Props to John Yull, Joe Cicman and Chadwick for helping with the rules and adding to the over all prize.

Joe Cicman is sponsored by http://dannysirkinsuperfan.blogspot.com/
Good Luck

Link: http://www.bmxfreestyler.com/2011/07/hitchhiker-juggler-contest.html

24 thoughts on “Rad Dad hosts a Hitchhiker Juggler contest!

  1. Thanks Effraim. New Update! Prize money is now at $79.50 Thanks to Omari Cato! I am so excited to see what happens this month. Hahah It started off going to be just for braging rights. We are almost up to $100…almost there!

  2. your gona have to find somewhere real big and flat for this challenge ? i can hit 28 at the mile easy but run out of puff, and its got a bit of a slant. might have to close off a road to get it done lads, uk is not flat.

  3. Just made new Update prize money is now at $100 thanks to Anthony Bugilo. The post is getting serious now. Funny how it was just going to be for fun and now its bringing in $100. I can’t wait to see what kind of videos are submitted!

  4. I think me and RadDad cooked up some fun here can’t wait to see where this goes. I’m advising 150 psi and some super slick concrete 🙂 after my deathtruck $50 bet I know how money motivates riders.

  5. I agree with Jay. I think its going to come down to the location.

    Could be very tough to find somewhere suitable.

  6. Great contest rad dad! What is great about this, is that hitch jugglers are accessible, everyone does them, this should be great!!!! Will we have any early entries, or everyone one upping themselves till the last minute deadline…

  7. I am curious about that as well. The prize money keeps getting higher everyday. I will be making another announcment soon. I am blowen away from the support. Hard to think that this idea and grown this large. I am hoping to start seeing someone post up and set the bar. This is where the converation is seems to be generating. I keep checking back so I can give updates here as well. John Yull and my self were just talking about it and it was more like idle talk. I will be making new update very soon shortly.

  8. Newest Prize update. Props to Ciaran Perry for throwing in 23.51. Bringing the prize total now to 123.51. I will be making more updates later this week as well. Thanks Ciaran!

  9. I really think there’s a lot of potential in this kind of contest either one particular trick like this or best trick with an open judging or if you put in money you get a vote.
    Can’t wait to see who wins this. I’m stuck on 6 but i’ve already seen 11 at the OG.

  10. Prize and Information updated again. Prize Now at $157.71 Thanks to ONELOVEBMX for throwing in 4.20 and Nikola Olice throwing in $30. More details are up on BMX Freestyler. Thanks Effraim and Bobby Carter helping Judge videos.

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