Rad dad starts Pinky squeak contest!

“With the success of the Hitchhiker Juggler contest in July. BMX Freestyler has decided to have another contest with Pinky Squeaks. After collecting information from other riders. This was the most requested trick in the community of flatlanders. Prize money is driven by us as a community of flatlanders. Last time BMX Freestyler gave David Hoffmann $277.77 and custom bars from London BMX. This was created because of you, the rider that wants to be able to give back and see someone really push there selves.”

Hit the link for the rules:

10 thoughts on “Rad dad starts Pinky squeak contest!

  1. Just a quick update..Thanks Effraim for posting this up. I made a change to Rule #3 today after a phone call from Ruben Castillo. I want to keep the pinky squeak the way it orginated. With out the use of the pegs. Only the tire and top tube. Just the way Gary Pollak created pinky squeaks.

  2. When I got the call from Ruben today at 9:00 AM. I was like WOW! I honestly didn’t know. As I have watch many people they normally use the pegs. Thats the way I always thought. But Ruben explained when they came out they were not using Pegs at all that was one of the reason they were so hard. Ruben is going to give a Demo so everyone will know. I will film it this Saturday and have it up Satruday Night. At least we don’t have to worry about slopes in this.

  3. yeah i remember seeing it in Freestylin magazine and reading about how he (Gary ) did them ,be interesting to see who’s going to adapt to the original method ,top work Rad Dad πŸ™‚

  4. No pegs? Mark, that was not a good decision. You just went from many people trying to enter this contest to about maybe 10 if your lucky. Maybe Pinky squeaks were started with no pegs, but everyone since then has known pinky squeaks to be done with pegs, everyone does them with the pegs, and keeping it original would be like saying everyone has to hold an endo for a hang 5 contest. I’m disappointed (an so are others I’ve spoken with) who were going to enter this but now cannot. Please change the contest rules back.

  5. i agree w/ adam here, i can do it handily w/out pegs and i still think it should be what are considered normal pinkies. how about we amend the juggler rules to where you have to start w/ an opposite elbow glide with your arm wrapped around the seatpost, that is how the K originally did it.

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