3 thoughts on “Rad Dad’s first online video!

  1. Thank you very much Howard. Thanks for posting Effraim. I recently just thought about it and remembered it was not online anymore. Brings back great memories.So glad I stuck with it the second time around.

  2. You've progressed amazingly over the course of a few years Mr. Dandridge. It's no easy task for older dudes like ourselves to juggle work, family, riding, and the numerous other responsibilities life throws at us. Congratulations on the progression. I started riding flatland again roughly a year ago after stumbling on Effraim's blogging site and seeing your video. I'm trying to creep back up to mediocrity. I rode when I was a teenager way back in the day. I'm pulling some tricks off now that I never thought I would be able to do. I'm turning 39 tomorrow and I'll be out riding:)

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