Rad Girls BMX 2015 Vol 1: Unity – It’s Like That and That’s the Way it is!

Mai Nishikawa, Melissa Froidure, Eriko Ono, Irais Resendiz, Annie Sophie, Paula Callery all come through with solid parts to make this Rad Girls 2015 Vol 1 edit a good watch!

3 thoughts on “Rad Girls BMX 2015 Vol 1: Unity – It’s Like That and That’s the Way it is!

  1. Ive always been stoked on women who ride bmx , the more the better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so rad watching Mia destroy it in her contest runs !!!!! I LUCKY enough to judge am and maaaaaaaaan , she was busting the smooooooooothest hiker jugglers ,mid combo , sometimes she would end up in the hiker with NO speed , and STILL roll it out AND juggle back to another one to finish her combo !!!!!!!! She also was in fire pinks , mid combo and her back wheel grazed and stuck , she instantly got into a woody -whip position and HELLLLLLLLLD ON , got her balance and saved the combo !!!!!!!!! When she did that I looooooooooooost it and started hammering my judge table against the floor !!!!!!!!!!! Dub , who was judging right next to me had to tell me to calm down !!! Hahahahahahahahahaha !!!! Dude I swear it was like one of those Martti , Terry or ryoji saves !!!!!! That was ONE of the million times that contest that the ENTIRE building erupted !!!!!!!!!! She also had these x up , pedal squeak , revert- stylish ride out that she was doing to exit some of her combos !!!!! She ruled Voodoo Jam !!!!!!!! Meeting and talking to her was just as RAD as seeing her ride , SUPER polite , humble person !!!!!!!!! For her first trip overseas she made it COUNT !!!!!!! She has me wanting to learn ho do do SMOOTH , CLEAN hikers now , mine are YUCKY !!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah !!!!!!!!!! PROPS TO EVERY WOMAN ON THIS VIDEO !!!!!! keep riding and inspiring !!!!!!!!!! BMX NEEDS EVERYONE OF YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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