Rad Girls BMX – Legacy

Aude Cassagne, Paula Hesser, Anne Sophie, Liberty Armstrong, Katagiri Gyaos, Joya Copper, Kim Klisiak,Erin Fricke, and many more feature in the latest Rad Girls edit entitled “Legacy”. Really enjoyed the pace of this one, hit play!

6 thoughts on “Rad Girls BMX – Legacy

  1. I have never seen anyone crossfoot pedal before. Sure it´s been done, but seems like a concept that could be used in other tricks.. Carito! Spain Represent! And agreed, Erin is rad!

  2. Thank you Morgan, and thanks Paula, you make it even though we’re all far away, we feel like a team, hopefully someday I’ll be able to match any of you, you’re incredible! Morgan, that’s for you too, lost to see if we’ll see each other. XDDDD


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