6 thoughts on “Ramón López Colón – 2015 Year End

  1. YEEEEEESSS RAMON ! loving this , the switch inside rebate roll lay down to cross ankle death ,boomeranged to G-string , the last combo, how you rebated after the hiker juggler to hang five ,slipped to cliff , forward rope to forward ice cream , half barred pulled up to gerator , switched hands to two footed backyard etc ,etc !!! loved this whole edit , it was rad seeing you rip at Voodoo Jam amigo ! Hope to see you soon , also I like how you casually just throw in the pull through/up to half/back pack -pass to side pack line after already nailing a line ,and super SMOOOOOOOTH whiplashes too !!!

    • Hahaha, thanks Rodney! You are always too kind with your words about my riding. Really appreciate your keen eye to details.
      It’s a shame we didn’t get to hang out longer at Voodoo bro :/ Perhaps I should make it again to San Antonio to sesh together next year

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