Raphael Chiquet 2009 World Champion

13 thoughts on “Raphael Chiquet 2009 World Champion

  1. Watched the top 5 to me Matthais should of won seen all this before rad as it is but Matthais was far better you know i'm right.

  2. Your not judging what you have seen before Howard, the judges were all agreed Raphael had the best run, he was consistent, and was high in originality/degree of difficulty marks. Matthias for sure is the better rider but not on this day in my opinion..

  3. Well in my opinion from what i've seen on Freecaster Matthais had a better run and Raphs tricks along with Frank Lukas i've seen before hard as they are for sure but the difficulty and originality factor c'mon Matthais had it .I'm here as a critic in a sense, people are not always going to agree i'm only saying what i see.

  4. I think you should have a bit more respect for Raphael and his run. It sucks when you have a good run with almost all your own tricks, and people bitch about it. The judging criteria we used was hard on originality and degree of difficulty, raphaels only real major bad mark was on variety. I don't want to get into analysing every rider again, but between us the judging panel have almost 90 years experience and we agreed on the results, based on the criteria. We looked hard into everything, maybe too hard? The riders with original stuff, revieved bonus marks fir their efforts.But at some point the riders have to know they have to bring something to the sport, that's what separates each rider, otherwise let's just make a robot programmed to copy what pros trucks he likes. That's not right.

  5. Meant to say tricks at the end… Also we have the start of a judging system running two years now, instead of plucking a score out of the sky. I saw terrible judging in the world circuit last year, flatland will never progress at the very top level if the riders are in the comfort zone, which is exactly where we are at the moment.

  6. i have got respect for his tricks i got respect for anyone , i have respect for myself and anyone that rides period .There's enough bullshit and politics and moronic riders on Global Flat thats why i don't belong to it its all me,me,me on there never about the riding just personal attacks .

    my only point was that in my opinion Matthais run was better i mean who deters if its original or not the rider or the judges ?? to a rider his tricks may not be original but to the judges it could be different but from what i've seen yes it was a sick run by Raph and any critisism should be taken in a light hearted way that does not suck it is not the end of the world i have an opinion if people don't like it not my problem. i'm not analysing the judging or people being judged on their name i merely stating my opinion by what i see .
    in the words of Elvis Presley "you cannot please everyone".

  7. There's also the saying that every dog has his day, and that day belonged to raphael.
    Here what you are saying about global flat, one person tends to voice a strong opinion then everyone jumps on that…
    I hope that given time those pros who are pissed at me and the other judges will see we are trying to advance the sport with a strong judging system based on the fundamentals of flatland riding…

  8. On the subject of originality who's there to say on the judges panel that a combo/trick is original ? when say a spectator may of seen it before or the rider is oblivious to the fact that they are doing something original i mean who deters whats new ? When somebody else could be doing it possibly it's in the judges eyes ,not the riders .

    This debate could go back and forth forever but in a way it's like saying "fashion is our of fashion".

  9. Totally respect the judging system i'd never doubt that it's the way forward and yes its a topic for discussion also advancement for the sport create's new interest and looking at the turnout results table flatland is booming , sorry spelling error earlier was meant to say "Fashion is out of fashion" it's how we in general persive things ,anyway i'm done ride on .

  10. All the judges looked at originality like I said between us over 90 years of experience between us, so we knew who did what when, what was original, what tricks are hard etc etc, it's the start of a good judging system that will help move the sport forward.

  11. if Aaron Behnke who incidentely is one of my favourite riders to watch entered this comp pulled all of his original tricks and to me they are original because i've never seen anyone else duplicate them would he of won ? i doubt it very much , i rest my case.

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