Real City Spin – full recap

Real City Spin -full recap- from IGI BMX / FAREAST / DUB on Vimeo.

As with everything Dub does, he puts his heart and soul into it and that really comes through here with this refreshing Real City Spin edit that features behind the scenes footage, TV Interviews, pre jam footage, plus qualifying and battle footage, this is great!

6 thoughts on “Real City Spin – full recap

  1. Dub is a fine ambassador for BMX flatland. He’s seemingly comfortable on camera, describes the sport well for non-riders with clear comparisons, and highlights the unifying force that is flatland by speaking of its world appeal. Much like Terry Adams, Dub is giving much back to the sport he loves.

  2. I love when I meet someone so passionate about what they do and the life they live that it makes you second guess what you’ve done with your life. Dub puts his all in to everything he does, and it’s hard not to get caught up in his contagious energy and stand behind and support him.

    I was more than happy to be there to help out with this event and share emcee duties with him on Saturday when I was asked, as well as just be there to support this event and cheer the riders that came out to Montreal.

    Great edit that shows lots of different sides to the weekend in Montreal! I hope that this encourages those that missed out on this year’s event to consider coming out next year.

  3. Next year will be like no other. Don’t forget BmXmas this friday in Montreal. Everyone and anyone is welcome. Share this video with someone who lives on the east coast :)) big up guys let’s keep pushing.


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