Rebecca Pergentile edit

This is great! Rebecca has the skills, well worth a watch!

“I’ve rode so hard this year to bring you this video-3 hours on average all days of the week! Flatland is my passion, BMX is the last greatest symbol of my youth with 2 kids! I relearned tricks and had to find the time to ride, but when you love something this much, that’s just what you have to do! Thanks so much to everyone that’s supported my dreams this year, sponsors; MagnoliaBMX and Church on the Rock, family and friends, my husband Adam Pergentile (sacrificing riding time for me!) and Ed Nussbaum and Terry Adams. I couldn’t have done any of this on my own. After accomplishing so much personally this year, I can’t wait for the next. Watch out boys 😉 ~Rebecca Pergentile.

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  1. Hey Howard, Adam and Rebecca are keeping the Pergentile name going these days. Between work and injuries, haven’t been riding much. Plan on spending more time in the lot next year though! P.S Rebecca is awesome!

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