Rebel jam News!

Photo: Vincent Perraud

The rebel jam is fast approaching, check out the ever growing rider list, for what looks like being an amazing event!

Heres the official press release:

VANS rebeljam will be having a Flatland contest this year. It´s the very first time that Flatland will be a part of the event and we couldn’t be happier with this addition. Flatland is progressing more then ever these days and a good amount of people from all over the world are pushing Flatland in the right direction.The unique judging format we use at the rebeljam is perfect for a modern Flatland contest.
At the VANS rebeljam the judges have three criteria: Hard Trick, Style and Creativity. The finals are held in a jam format and we are sure that this judging format is perfect for Flatland.
The riders will have two floors to ride on – One floor to warm up and practice and one for the competition. Both floors will be having the same surface and dimesions. With 130m² flat on each floor the riders will have perfect conditions to practice and to compete. Some of the best flatland riders already registered for the VANS rebel jam.

Matthias Dandois
Alex Jumelin
Lee Musselwhite
Dominik Nekolny
Pascal Nanko
Waldemar Fatkin
Viki Gomez
Martin Drazil
Camilo Rodriguez
Rayk Hahne
and many more

We are looking forward to an amazing and thrilling flatland contest at the VANS rebeljam from 2nd – 4th of December 2011 in Eindhoven, Netherlands!


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